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Adam and nany real world dating center, the Many Loves Of Nany Gonzalez

Bananas's banana outfit covers his hair and therefore is his best look of the entire season. Leaves a lot to the imagination still! All the roommates went in taxis and we went in a limo.

Usually, people meet in pairs. That probably helped me on the show. There's obviously tons of hot chicks in Vegas. All of the roommates have hooked up except for Mike. Now, we all talk but it's hard because we live all over the U.

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Johnny, Laurel, Bananas, Aneesa, Cohutta, Teresa, Preston They lose, but we get some close-ups of Cohutta's butt being supported by Preston's head and all is right in the world. How did you end up on The Real World this season? Theresa tries to make it sound like Laurel barely won, but she is simply the better competitor. Oh, Tegan and Sara for sure.

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Adam, Leroy, Cooke and Nany were in attendance at his wedding. We caught up with Adam in an exclusive interview today to find out more about his Real World experience and his big plans going forward. Las Vegas, partido madrid levante online dating bad boy Adam Royer is bringing the drama and keeping things interesting.

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What happened with the Real World Las Vegas cast on Twitter?

Leave it to The Real World to create this kind of drama! What do you think the casting directors really liked about you? Aneesa is actually capable of math and realizes that there are only three girls on their team, which gives her shitty odds for not going into the draw.

The Many Loves Of Nany Gonzalez

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What are your interests going forward? We had a chance to connect.

Without giving anything away, how is your relationship with your roommates now? It was all over the papers and it was in the news.

Do you feel bad for the guy? We're just in Vegas having a good time. Of course, I've seen episodes here or there but I've never watched the show. Why should anyone care that I was in juvie?

Do you talk to all of them? People don't go around saying random facts about their life. Sure enough, Aneesa and Preston get voted in, while Laurel and Cohutta pull the kill cards. Now, I can piece it together.

This season, Nany and I were the only ones. What was it about Nany that made you more attracted to her than the other girls in the house or other girls in Vegas? Oh, wait, about five minutes later it turns out that the real reason is that Nany wants to have sex with Johnny. Slut-shamer-in-chief Bananas decides it's his job to tell Cohutta about it, but Nany eventually takes charge of her sexuality and does it herself.

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