Age dating palm trees

Age dating palm trees

At this time, we have to start by cutting the thorns off of the date fronds. Notice the thickness of the main stalk. To make it easier to separate the pups from the parent tree, we have attached a special chisel to the backhoe.

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If you look at the bag to the far left side of the picture, you can see that all of the dates have ripened and fallen to the bottom of the bag. Unfortunately, neither birds or bees are attracted to the flowers, so the females have to be hand pollinated. Most of the dates come in from the grove already ripe, but occasionally we get some that are still yellow.

Transplanting Date Pups All of our date trees are grown from pups offshoots from the parent tree. We then tie the strands together and hand pollinate the flowers using the fresh pollen that we have collected from the male trees. These yellow dates have to be left out in the heat not the sun to finish ripening.

The borders help conserve water and eliminate grass and weeds throughout the grove. Once the sheath on the male tree opens, we will cut the whole sheath out of the tree, then hang it upside down to dry. The backhoe can exert quite a bit more force then an individual worker. During the later part of February we begin to watch for the sheaths on the male trees to begin splitting open.

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This is the same strand of dates. As the dates roll very slowly down the table, they are cleaned by the wet towels.

During the later part of FebruaryThe backhoe can exert