Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin Not Returning as Series Regular

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Malia uses Belasko's talons to take away what's left of the Desert Wolf's power.

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Sebastien pays a visit to the Sheriff's station and injures Lydia and Hayden. We're very happy she's doing the show. Those are interesting relationships. Deaton thinks a part of Mason is still inside Sebastien, and that Lydia is the answer to saving him. Later on, Scott turns Hayden into a werewolf, Stiles decides to become a cop, and Kira leaves with the Skinwalkers to gain control over her fox spirit.

Those are interesting relationshipsWe're very happy she's

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But judging from the way the show handled the Scott-Allison-Isaac-Kira non-love-square situation, you can rest easy knowing Stiles probably won't be at the center of a love triangle in season four. Deucalion double-crosses Theo and reveals that he was working with Scott. Theo attacks the pack, but Kira opens up the ground and summons Theo's dead sister, who drags him into the hole. Like, it's another thing we haven't done before.

It's cool because I know nothing about the season, I only know one part of it. Theo kills Tracy and takes her power. It's sort of a toss up of who is not coming back for season five, but somebody is not coming back. Parrish pins the Beast down and Scott impales it with the cane-sword.

Sebastien pays a visit