The Real Beauty and the Beast

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The story had been about a maiden kept prisoner by a beast who transforms him by love. His weight loss was due to colitis or a hernia. We hired a beautiful villa in the Hollywood Hills and spent time as a family so everyone could get to meet her. Disney had cast its magic spell again. It also seems to have served as indirect reference to their own relationship between Catherine and Vincent as he helps her with the cases.

But Ashman was getting weaker by the day. Whatever he had seen made him scrap it all and start from scratch.

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Catherine has a sense of justice that is rather black and white. Beauty and the Beast went on to win the world over, as well as win awards.

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Then Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg had already seen the storyboards for the non-musical version of Beauty and the Beast. Added to the fact that Muirfield wanted him dead at any cost, this meant that anyone involved in his life was in danger. Straight away Ashman solved a huge issue with the first drafts. The cases seem to either mirror the main characters realizations or highlight their decision making.

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The Real Beauty and the Beast

The cases seem to

Evan Marks the medical examiner seems to be another obstacle in their paths as he is friends with Catherine and would like to take the relationship to the next level. For Ashman the problem was clear. He felt he was tainted by the missing memories and his actions as a beast. Gathered in his hospital room around his bed they regaled him with tales of how the screening went, telling him it had been a great success. Obstacles For Vincent, the obstacles standing between him and Catherine at the beginning was his self worth, his past was blurry with some missing memories.

Beauty and the Beast went

His past and the people of his past life do not realize that he is alive and in hiding. Her doubts began when she learnt of civilian deaths at Vincent's hands. In the beginning she believed Vincent was a victim, later she realizes that if people died by his hands, she had to re-evaluate her opinion of him.

They serve a backdrop to the developments happening in the lives of the main characters. This time round Ashman also took on the role of executive producer giving him greater input on Beauty and the Beast. Vincent had kept track of her over the years.

Catherine has a sense of justice