Britney Spears Rocks Booty Shorts During Steamy Dance with Shirtless Boyfriend Sam Asghari

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Jennifer was also spotted

Rachel becomes jealous of the attention Finn is receiving now that he is back on the team and to test Finn's fidelity, she has his ex-girlfriend Quinn Dianna Agron attempt to seduce him. They got engaged in but called off their wedding. Angel, however, has denied any kind of relationship.

Rachel becomes jealous of theShe then dated actor Michael

She then dated actor Michael Ealy. Jennifer was also spotted on quite a few dates with Jon Stewart throughout the late s.

Through the early s, Halle was in a relationship with Spike Lee. The two broke up because they felt more like friends than partners.

Will refuses, stating that Spears is a bad role model. It may have been a long path for Spears, but it seems like she may have finally found the one. Rotem Spears bounced right back after her marriage to Federline. Unfortunately, they announced that they were better as friends soon after. Chris Paciello, the boyfriend she had through the s, was in the Mafia.

This year could yield big news for the singer. The two are still together. Smith, but the two didn't get along well and ended it.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Relationship History

Angel however has denied any kindThey got engaged inThis year could yield

She later threatens to sue Will after being injured in the stampede. The two broke up for reasons that are still unknown, but they have a beautiful daughter together. He was one of her backup dancers and tour choreographers, but their relationship ended as a fling. She began dating music producer J.

Somewhere in the s, Sandra was rumored to have dated Keanu Reeves, but it was never confirmed. Jennifer married a waiter she met in a Cuban restaurant named Ojani Noa. Rachel relents and encourages Finn to re-join the team. Drew is back out there dating these days. She wasn't seen with another man until when she dated the actor, Chris Evans.

The two are still together

He praised the increased use of McHale as a vocalist in the second season, enjoying his soulful voice. They are still happy and loving life.

Advised by Emma to relax, Will learns that Carl recently purchased a new Chevrolet Corvette and buys one for himself. Wedding bells might just ring for them this year. She got married again, this time to her backup dancer, Kevin Federline. They broke up due to differences in schedules and lives.

As a teen, Drew went out on a date with the actor, Christian Bale. And also with Leonardo DiCaprio that same year.