Britt westbourne dating

Britt westbourne dating

There are always reasons behind that. Patrick finds out about this and lashes out at Britt, accusing her of changing the results of Sabrina's test.

However, Britt confesses to him that she played a role in Spencer's disappearance to get him back and they break up again. She manages to strong-arm Sabrina into babysitting for Patrick's daughter, Emma. With Liesl's influence, the charges against Britt were dropped and she moved out of Wyndemere into Brad's apartment.

Britt agreed with her mother that she needed to move forward with her plans for Patrick. She was found by Sabrina, who claimed that Emma had ran away because Britt had said that she did not like Emma. Kelly thiebaud and bryan craig seemed like an amazing couple, but then. He invited them to stay at Wyndemere and Britt accepted. Spencer ran away from home and let Britt know that he would stay missing while she consoled his father.

However Emma had bonded with SabrinaPatrick and Sabrina develop feelings

Britt and Nikolas eventually start a relationship after the ordeal. The siblings bonded and Nathan was thrilled for Britt when she and Nikolas reconciled. While talking, she asks Patrick out on a date, to which he agrees.

This upsets Emma, which causes her to run away. Lulu publically berated Britt and Nikolas broke off the engagement and ordered Britt to move out of his home. However, the negative response from his daughter Emma Drake towards Britt as well as his feelings for nurse Sabrina Santiago ensures the end of the short-lived relationship.

Obrecht caused more harm thanNikolas appreciated Britt's honesty and they

As that of inferring effects from causes, be trusted to the uncertain process of reasoning and argumentation. She delivers Patrick and Sabrina's pre-mature son on the side of the road and continues to care for the baby at the hospital. In time, Britt was able to seduce Patrick and she convinced him that she needed to spend time with him and Emma. Britt and Faison left Port Charles, going on the run together. Maxie begged Britt to allow her to pass the baby off as Dante and Lulu's.

Britt's mother was disappointed with Britt's inability to eliminate Sabrina from Patrick's life. She is intent on starting a serious relationship with him following a few dates, and appoints nurse Sabrina Santiago Teresa Castillo to look after his daughter Emma Drake Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Liesl tries to convince Britt to get Patrick back. Something you can't do as an actor is judge your character, but it's very easy to do that. Britt moved back in with Nikolas but her happiness was tempered by the secret that she had orchestrated Spencer's disappearance.

Sabrina then tells Patrick this and

Britt ends up getting help from her mother, Dr. During an interview with Star Pulse, she confessed that she was shocked, because she felt that she wasn't doing well in the role due to nerves, in addition to the fast-paced nature of the genre.

As Britt contemplated her next move, she had a conversation with her mother, Dr. Sabrina then tells Patrick this and he dumps Britt. Patrick and Sabrina develop feelings for each other, which strengthens once he dumps Britt for being rude and calling his daughter names. Obrecht caused more harm than good during her visit with Britt.

She left, and met her parents at the dock, where they were planning to escape together. Nikolas appreciated Britt's honesty and they became lovers. However, Emma had bonded with Sabrina and showed no interest in getting to know Britt.

She left and met her parentsAs Britt contemplated her next move

However, Britt became concerned over the growing closeness between Patrick and Sabrina after they spent New Year's Eve together. Britt offers to help Robin with this, and finds out Patrick and Sabrina are engaged. Britt agreed as long as Maxie destroyed Sabrina's nursing career. Nikolas and Britt bonded over their shared experiences dealing with unbalanced family members and together they rescued Ben.