Cassie ventura and diddy dating

Cassie ventura and diddy dating

Diddy on his Instagram

He is rumored to do stuff like that. Kayke No, sometimes I'm scared for her. Diddy is not seen in the company of another beautiful lady. Diddy and his girlfriend Cassie Ventura had called off their relationship. But this has not been confirmed and it could well be that Cassie was the one who broke up and hence she immediately also unfollowed P.

They were dating for over a

Diddy as he is famously called has now broken up with him. Frostsnow Cassie Her fans believe that these words are targeted against the new woman in P. Diddy has traded Cassie for another female partner and this time it is Jocelyn. Instead, she just put up a cryptic post.

It could possibly be that P. IamAllnatural She better run if she needs help. He has been hanging out with a model named Jocelyn Chew.

They were dating for over a decade now. Diddy still loves Cassie and may still be wanting her back. Diddy on his Instagram but P. Diddy had called it quits from Cassie and was not bothered to unfollow her on Instagram. Diddy and it has been several months since they have separated, states Love B Scott.

Diddy still loves

The truth is regardless of race most women including yourself wouldn't date him if he wasn't a baller. You're also implying that he should only date black women because they wouldn't consider his social and economic status. Cassie did return to her Instagram after this breakup but she took no attempts to address or talk about his separation. Cassie Ventura who had a relationship with the music entrepreneur Sean Combs or P.

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Diddy were in a romantic relationship but have split now. An insider, however, revealed and predicted that this new relationship may not last.