Charlie brooker aisleyne dating

Charlie brooker aisleyne dating

Voting opened to the public as to which duo would enter the Safe House for its second week. Charlie received the real task beforehand, which was to make sure her mother lost the end of her tether during the task.

Big Brother said that he could have a pizza and a cold beer if he decided to shred their suitcases too. Each task they successfully completed within the time limit would go towards the amount of money they could spend on the weekly shopping budget. These anonymous suggestions were later read out to the house.

However, if both members of the pair smashed their glass box, neither would receive their treat. Housemates completed all tasks successfully and as a result won a Chinese takeaway. He had the option to shred his own suitcase to save everyone else's, or shred everyone else's suitcases to save his own.

For this task, every time housemates heard the countdown buzzer, they would report to Big Brother and be given a task that they would have to complete before the countdown clock ran out. The housemates later passed the task.

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Michael was successful in his secret task despite Dan becoming suspicious of him. The team who allotted the most time after all three team members of the team had had a turn would win the task. To pass the task, they had to follow Gina's instructions and make a specific amount of honey.

That same day, she returned to the Big Brother House having been given the all-clear. These were in charge of the other housemates, the worker bees, as they had to make jars of honey.

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They had to present this speech to the rest of the house, who then had to query what they had said. Housemates later passed the task and received their letters from home. Housemates later passed the task.

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The housemates therefore won a luxury shopping budget for the week. Each question answered would earn a housemate the chance to unlock the locked box. However, she was unaware that the rest of the house had been told of her task and that they had to sabotage her mission by refusing her requests.

If they were creative enough, they would pass the task and receive their letters from home as a reward. Later that day she re-entered the Big Brother House. If housemates correctly guessed more than half of Jack and Joe's impersonations correctly, they would win a slap-up meal of their choice, to be delivered to the house later that day. Among the shopping were golden tokens special prizes which could also be saved. These housemates could then collect their suitcases.

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