Sulli And Choiza Finally Confirmed To Be An Item

Choiza and sulli confirmed dating site

The question is why do companies even forbid it. Fans support celebrities based on their personalities. If these celebrities opt to choose something else over their relationship then the agency may be right in the first place.

Whether that demeanor is a put on or genuine is a different question altogether. He is not conventionally good looking and hangs around equally thug friends who have been involved with drugs and other controversies that make Koreans question their morality. Koreans always reserve the right to demand a certain behavior from the celebrities they support and that includes their romantic relationships.

Well then, don't be an idol, be an artist. The bottom line is that these supposed artists are packaged and made to sell their personalities from the get go.

You sell your personality, fans will expect to have that personality. That is why new boy bands are given reality shows and are thrown into variety shows. Sex Objects It's hard to deny that celebrities are packaged in such a way that when you watch them grind their hips, it's like world peace depend on it. From the get go, the market is provided with an image of a celebrity and based on this image, they provide their support.

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Fans must be given that slight glimmer of hope that they have a chance. Much of the castigation is brought about by the fact that Sulli is dating a non-idol, not good looking rapper who was born for the Korean Ghetto hip hop culture. Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince.

Contact Author The Choiza-Sulli scandal is probably one of the funniest ones to have ever come out of Korean entertainment. When they are ready to put family life above career then It's time to open up about their relationship.

Yeah, she participated in strengthening her baby image but she fell in love. However, I don't think fans are angry about the fact that she fell In love but that she fell in love with Choiza.

Here is how netizens are reacting to Sulli's latest dating news with Kim Min Jun

Fans must be given

This was followed by another photo of them on a date. The choice may be a career or termination of contract but there is always a choice.

Many fans expect

They sell their looks and fantasy of their bodies. Choiza is a self made man.