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Play a proactive role in the

The Bank has formed Committees and various Sub Committees which foresees the development and functional activities of the Bank. Maintain a healthy financial profile and diversify earnings. Year by year, the Share Capital, Deposits, Loan, Advances, Investments and profit earning increased and different activities were introduced.

Since inception, the Bank has run profitably and rendered several benefits and schemes to its customers. Business Improvements The Bank has continued to focus on improving its funding mix, through Conserving Capital, Liquidity Management and Risk Containment and increasing operating efficiencies.

Business Improvements The Bank

Members from the Silk Merchants Association formed a group to conceptualize the idea of starting their own Bank. Play a proactive role in the full realization of our potential. It initially started as a co-operative society, which has grown into a Bank of this magnitude.

Various loan schemes are available at affordable interest rates. Hypothecation is used for creating charge against the security of movable assets but the possession of the security. Srinivas - Director, Sri K. Maintain high standards of governance and ethics. Krishna Bhagawan under the guidance and advisory of Sri C.

Members from the Silk Merchants Association

Through continuous training and career planning, a positive work culture and participative style of management has been established. Create value for our stakeholders. After several months of discussions, they formed this institution. Medium-term Loan is suitable for capital expenses.

Since inception the Bank

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Through continuous training and career planningIt initially started as a