Constantly updating

Constantly updating

Bow's aren't that useful inWouldn't mind it they're annoying

Not that I need obsidian as I don't use them, but because they are more useful to me. Although I despise lobbers, I think everyone does. Bows will not do that, dynamite tip sounds cool though. He could be even more resistant to melee and spawns more powerful enemies.

Gadget Wheel This actuallyThat's a great idea

Businesses tend to upgrade slowly. We need more variety of bosses in the game. There already is a smasher boss.

You just have to put the effort in. They're a big pain with the amount of damage they do, so I think a lobber boss would be absolutely annoying.

That's a great idea, and like many of Satya Nadella's ideas, it probably should have been implemented four years ago. Wouldn't mind it, they're annoying as hell but more variety the better. Bow's aren't that useful in StW. Gadget Wheel This actually sounds amazing. Hoverboard upgrades Can't go wrong.

Gun Base Constructor Not a bad idea. Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley has said there are already three major updates in the works, with one coming about every six months. The Undertaker Not a bad idea.

Windows Always Be Updating

That probably couldn't be done with an over-the-air update. Ammo Schematic Upgrade The main reason I do not agree with this is because I think they need to increase how much ammo we get from crafting in general. That can be about budget concerns, support concerns, or just not wanting to fix what isn't broken. The rewards wouldn't be too extreme, but the weapons they drop will actually have full durability rather than the durability they have currently. From a desktop and embedded systems perspective, though, there's often no real alternative to Microsoft for corporations.

Hoverboard upgrades Can't go wrong

Basically, each skill could have it's own cooldown. Material Upgrade Conversion This I completely agree with. After all, Windows has been updating on demand for decades now, often just when you don't want Excel to quit.