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Creatinine clearance calculator amputee dating, amputation and Creatinine Clearance

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Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Serum creatinine production is approximated based on lean body weight because muscle tissue not fat is responsible for creatine production. Rounding Creatinine in Underweight Patients In underweight patients, herpes dating sites tennessee a low serum creatinine may be more reflective of a decrease in production rather than an increased rate of renal elimination. The calculator will determine the non-amputated weight based on the amputated weight and the extend of the amputations.

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This correction factor was shown to be more precise and less bias than rounding or making no adjustment. The study used actual body weight, but mentioned that a correction factor of some kind should be used in patients with marked obesity or ascites.

Advanced Pharmacokinetic Dosing Calculator

The calculator will use the complete equation as offered. Vial Sizes and Concentrations Amputee Calculator Info It seems obvious special considerations should be made for dosing chemotherapy in amputees. For this reason, other equations have been developed to aid clinicians in estimating renal function for the purposes of drug dosing.

However, there is a shortage of evidence based knowledge to help guide practitioners on how to best accomplish this. The original study was based on data from male patients with stable renal function. While this was a landmark equation for its era, its use has become deprecated in favor of newer equations. These numbers are roughly interpolated from the information provided at the LimbProportions link above.

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Equations that do not correct or adjust for obesity risk overestimation of true renal function. This table offers a separate equation for each body part based on the linear regression analysis of the measured data. Unfortunately, many hospitalized patients do not have stable renal function.

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The literature does not support this practice as it often results in an underestimation of true renal function. In sum, there is no standard solution. There does not seem to be a consensus on what proportion of body weight limbs make up, and the extent of the amputation may not align with a simple definition. User enters pre-amputation height, amputated weight and chooses all missing limbs. Generally speaking, these equations are developed using a one-compartment pharmacokinetic estimation model, and are less accurate when renal function is improving rather than worsening.

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Amputee Calculator Info

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