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Dalia, still possessing power, melts the dagger in Klaus, awakens, steals Freya, and escapes. Lullabies are spoken and promises are made for the good of innocence and the threat of new evil likely to rear its head in New Orleans come the fall.

Esther distracts Dalia long enough for Klaus to impale the two of them finally killing them both. All in all, the king of wolves and vamps settles in, ready to settle into fatherhood unaware of the future, but believing he has control of it. That look is all about taking control and knowing what she wants.

Then check out the pictures below. She speaks Bulgarian fluently, and she has a strong sense of pride when it comes to her heritage and her roots. She has the type of allure that draws men in, and you can imagine them fighting over her. In fact, she is completely obsessed with Harry Potter. She has a strong sense of style and is generous to everyone around her.

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There is nothing better than going to the beach with a hottie. You might be surprised to find out that Nina is a Canadian girl living in Toronto, Ontario.

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She then went on to play Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries and proved to the world that she was one hell of an actress. The moment in which they took a family photo mere moments before having to burn it should have been jarring and ridiculous, but it was actually the highlight of the hour. There is just something mysterious and forbidden about the look that Nina has. Instead of Kol, Esther is brought back and captured immediately by the Mikaelsons. Hot sand, cool water and someone close to you to make everything just perfect.

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