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Most Tanagra figures are mould made and sometimes have a vent cut in the back to ensure even distribution of heat in the firing. Both sets of officers were drawn from the two highest classes. Excellent condition with chip to lion's lower jaw. The shallow bowl with carinated rim and central raised omphalos.

Of beautiful form with fine metallic black glaze, a molded actor's mask on the handle above the spout, a molded satyr's head at the bottom of the handle. Some losses to black glaze. The property of a European gentleman. We are a good match, a compliment of each other.

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Rare and a wonderful example of the skill of Greek jewelry makers. Of the heavy cavalry, the choicest troops were Macedonians and Thessalians, armed in the Greek fashion, who were as formidable in onslaught as in single combat. Considerable cream and pink and black slip imitating the Greek style. On pedestal base, the tondo decorated with the large head of a beautiful stylish girl wearing a pearl necklace. Light deposits the piece has been lightly oiled to render them transparent but needs a professional cleaning to bring out its beauty.

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The hippeus continued drilling in times of peace. The amber nugget carved into the head of a ram with long curled horns.

With natural ancient patina, tiny chip showing dark red amber. Considerably better than image shows. In two closely fitting sections which can be invisibly rejoined and a stand made if the customer so desires. She wears a veil over her hair and a long inner robe which falls down over her feet and an outer gown worn over one shoulder, she raises one hand apparently addressing the god. The amber nugget carved into the head of a ram in the round.

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Good example with good detail better than image and remains of white pigment. The dove wearing a garland or necklace with pendants. And yes, some chivlary is nice but not too much, if a man try to pull out my chair it makes me laugh, do hold the door up, but next time when I walk thrpugh the door first, let me hold it up to him.

One Greek palmette pendant, ca. The Megarian bowls were the Greek precursors of the later Roman Arretine and Terra Sigillata vessels which also carried molded ornamentation, outlander characters dating however the Megarian bowls are considerably rarer.

It may be from Macedonia because the month name is Macedonian, although these months were also spread to Asia Minor and the Near East after the conquests of Alexander. Chip and small restored area on the rim, otherwise intact. Rare more complete example carrying sacrifice with good detail and remains of white pigment.

Intact with minor deposits. Finely modeled from brown clay with traces of original white pigment. Exceptionally fine style rendering of the face.

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The stele carved with the bust of robust bull-necked man with short cropped hair wearing a shoulder pad, a gladiator or possibly a known athlete. Intact and rare thus as the elegant thin handles are often repaired. Usually found only with the top intact these objects are usually described as pins. The second partial line is to the right and above the third line and may be the third line's ending as otherwise it seems rather out of place and isolated. Intact but for the tip of one handle which has been reattached.

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The implement with ring at one end and bird at the other, possibly used for either votive or spinning use. Her hair centrally parted and drawn into a knot at the back. The finely modeled bronze lady wearing flowing himation, her hair drawn up behind her head.

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