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But all these patterns are found with other styles too. The prints for the Rural England series themselves were used by Crown Ducal on many of their tableware ranges from the s possibly until the s. Hopefully I will be correct when one style is stated to be older than another but the date ranges will be approximate.

China Chat - English Marks. Unlike other shape ranges they do not make a new version of Old Hall backstamps, but use another more general style for most patterns and revamp the style for Bristol. Discover your hidden treasure!

The crown and plumes are clearly different, the strap has a single edge line and there is no hint of a strap crossover at the bottom. Here is list of Crown Ducal registration numbers. It is similar to type but has a simpler, flatter crown and the ornament at the bottom of the hanging strap is noticeably different.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Type is not often seen, it may be the precursor to type or originally made for smaller items. Type That is enough for now!

There is also the probability that some backstamps styles are unique to particular patterns. Richardsons introduced several new tableware shapes during the early s, many with their own backstamps. The style shown above tend to be the more commonly found type on the early patterns.

Florentine in the context of Crown Ducal means something different. Sometimes the pattern gets named Joy, I understand the script style is difficult to read - but trust me, the pattern is named Ivy in the Crown Ducal pattern books. Type is found on a large number of patterns. These date from and presumably remained in production for a few years. Within that range the Bristol pattern is enormously popular, it get its own version of the backstamp, as does the Countryside series, see Rural England series under Gainsborough.

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Want to know the real ninja of sculpting? From a distance they can be mistaken for silverware. Probably the others are from the s too. Florentine, Byzantine, Foxglove and Wisteria?

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It is important to stress that there are other strap and buckle styles used by the company during the s, denise s and s and those are not discussed here. Richardsons must have learnt a lesson after the registration of Carnival because the Red Tree pattern only gets two numbers. That's a project for collectors of the Carnival pattern! The year would be a good estimate for the first use of this backstamp as most examples of the earliest chintz tableware patterns have this style and they were in production by that year.

In this way the defining characteristics can be determined for each backstamp style and the range of patterns on which they are seen. This duo has been in the family china cabinet for as long as I can remember. It is found on jugs, vases and wall chargers. It is found on patterns particularly with numbers in the range.

How to Identify Crown Ducal Patterns
  • That perhaps, will be the subject of another post once I understand it better myself!
  • Although I still do not understand why more than one number is needed.
  • It is easy to separate the early ones from the later styles.

So it is not surprising that the backstamp styles are similar, although I have yet to see a registration number for Florentine, or perhaps it was never given one. It is found on virtually all tableware and most fancies that do not have the high gloss glaze. The forms of these features are recorded together with the pattern number. One day someone will make sense of it all! Does the strap have a single or double edge line?

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Crown Ducal Pottery Mark - Florentine Picardy

Crown Ducal Pottery Marks

How to Identify Crown Ducal Patterns
  1. Best regards, Peter admin p.
  2. Above the graphic may be the pattern name, if it is a named pattern.
  3. Again, these are patterns from the earliest years extending into the early s.
  4. Since the production history for each pattern is unknown there is a lot of guesswork involved with regard to dates.

The item would have been made after that date, but not simply anytime after that date. Dates are rough guides only. However, if the premise that named patterns had their own backstamp style turns out to be true, then if those patterns had extended production runs then the date ranges might have to be reconsidered. Backstamps styles are created, filipina dating site toronto the range sells well. The strap and buckle style.

The Florentine border is sometimes shown in other early? It is also reasonable to believe that those backstamps that include pattern names may in fact be unique to that pattern. The Washington bicentenary must date to and I believe the Colonial Times range does as well.

Crown Ducal Pottery Mark - Florentine Picardy

Type is a special backstamp reserved for the Spectria Flambe range of vases and models. It is unknown for how long the pattern remained in production or the pattern number that was used. Kind regards Ian Ps So we can blame the author of the ebay Charlotte Rhead biography for the confusion.

Perhaps the style was reserved for small shaped items. So what I am presenting here is based on my own observations and I hope if someone does have a better understanding of this subject that they will contact me. Whether it is the same Florentine as yours is not clear. They were finished with a silver lustre outside and silver gilt inside and with matt black handles.

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Victory and Cotswold items have the same mark but usually with the addition of the appropriate registration number. In truth, it has to be said that there may be a much larger number of styles than I have identified here. Below the graphic is typically A. It is the shape name of a tableware series, plates, cups, saucers, tureens, jugs etc.

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The name Florentine has more than one meaning in the context of Charlotte Rhead and the factories she worked for. The first new backstamp style comes with the arrival of the Gainsborough shape for tableware. Left, plan early strap and buckle style.

The version illustrated in the documents is the matt black ground version with blue interior, but the same numbers can appear on the orange lustre versions. There may be more than this, but these are the ones I know of. Unfortunately it is not as simple as that.

The general shape and form of the crown and plumes. There are several features of the strap and buckle type of mark that show variation. Valuation appraisals and pottery mark identification research are two different things. Perhaps each number refers to the arrangement of the pattern as well as the pattern itself.

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