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He can be seen in a picture holding a mug. Paul as he appears in a wallpaper.

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Hillerson, your senior drill instructor. Everyone shoots at dummies that are set up, mostly missing and hitting the wall.

Everyone else falls on the other side, almost causing the see-saw to launch Tord into the air. After the black screen, the scene cuts to Edd, Matt. In reality, however, everyone is standing there confused. Although he himself doesn't appear, he drew a zombified version of Jasper Green, a character he created.

The real Paul provided a voice for one of the two pilots searching for survivors in the zombeh infested train station. He was sitting behind Edd and the gang.

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Up next is everyone sliding on rope. Hillerson on the floor with a permanent marker. Tord is the first to fall, and he lands on a see-saw to break his fall. But we don't know how to fly a helicopter!

After that, everyone is seen moving along rope by using their hands above barbed wire. However, malay girl dating singapore they stop moving and Matt bumps into them. Last one in is a steam-powered fish cake!

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He is then seen being launched out of the roof. Hillerson looking at everyone happily.

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Paul retrieves an injured Tord. Everyone smiles behind him. Later, what may be his corpse is partially seen in the arcade when Tom picks up his gun, thinking it goes to the game he was playing. Matt attacks him with a mop. The next scene reveals that they are falling into the enemy base.

The scene cuts to a guard and Paul inside the base. Matt closes the door to the tank. He turns around smiling, only to find out Sgt. God, I can't see anything in here! Hillerson is watching them.

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Tom gets up and sees that they have landed just a distance away from a tank. Everyone, still burned, also falls. Someone throws their boot at the dummy and another throws a grenade, causing the dummy to explode. Hillerson is right behind him.

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Everyone splits up and goes to different spots on the map until they all reunite and find the recruitment center. The barber starts up a razor and cuts off Tom's hair. The tank then fires an explosion.

The next scene shows everyone practicing their shooting again. Most of the preceding statement was false or just for entertainment purposes.

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The next scene cuts to Edd and Matt in a helicopter. Just as Tord calms down, a hippo falls on him. Everyone is also shown to be very muscular, practically breaking the buttons on their jackets.

The first dummy is shot moderately well. The scene cuts to a montage of everyone training. Also, one of the aliens has Paul's famous eyebrow. He was also seen inside the arcade game. There's no way we're gonna regret doing this, not in a million years!

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