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Broken when Vicky decides to stop investigating so that she doesn't get killed, further broken when Roque betrays his friends and even further when Carol dies. Jacques Noiret is also a good example. It doesn't work as well as he thought, because they love each other too much, and everyone calls him on this, wondering why he broke up with her when they were better than ever. Lucas may be able to dream about the future, but he wets his bed whenever it happens although, at least he knows when a dream will become reality and when not.

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They appear in the third-to-last episode, but they become fundamental as they are required to make the healing machine work. Julia can talk with the dead, but it terrifies her, and the first time she saw a ghost her father's she told her mother and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Amaia killed Max Levov with a syringe containing a substance that killed practically in seconds. Also thought about Carol, because few could believe that her character, one of the favourites of the audience, would actually die. Amelia ends up being fired for having a romantic relationship with a student, but she comes back later.

The day before everyone is healed

ZonaElInternado hosts a community of Fanfic writers it's in Spanish. When she disappears and all her work in trying to make more medicines is destroyed, everyone assumes this. Amelia was one from the start of the series, but it was because the bad guys had her brother hostage. Also to Jacques Noiret when the actor went to the United States. She was being blackmailed into seducing Marcos so that the Big Bad could learn what the teenagers knew about the conspiracy.

Amaia suffers the most from this. Roque does this so that the bad guys don't use him as a guinea pig for The Virus.

He didn't actually commit suicide, but was killed by Lt Garrido and he simulated his suicide so that he didn't get caught. The only reason Jacques Noiret isn't this is because he sometimes shows that he cares about his son. The day before everyone is healed, he is found hanging from a tree.

The only reason

There, both Marcos and Paula will meet people their age. Also, one diary the teens find is in German.

Ritter Wulf when he created The Virus and started to experiment on the prisoners of the Belzec extermination camp. When she attempts to do the same on Paula and Vicky hits her with a shovel, she accidentally sticks it into herself and dies. It gains this category for the main teenager characters when they realise what the hell is actually going on and the bad guys know that the teens are in the secret. During the quarantine, Garrido and Amaia are this all the way to hell.

In fact, she was killed to prevent her from making the medicines and give people a chance to survive. This time, they were wrong.

The Gnome Elsa's twin brother whom she had never known was alive dying when the police shoot at him. His eleventh-hour Heel Face Turn didn't help matters.

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