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Flynn lied and they destroyed his life. This isn't going anywhere. Well, they got a problem here because they have two legal theories.

Well, the President is the President of the United States, so they're considered official statements by the President of the United States. Fillet of fish, calories, times two. And this just fits right into that picture. So, Ariane, what happens next?

And breaking news, the Supreme Court allowing the Trump travel ban to take effect as he wished it to. Manu, thank you so very much. When you look at what we're learning out, the tweet he sent out, but also that we are now learning. She responded I'm not aware of any of the issues mentioned above.

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Maybe with the help of some lower level aids. And, Ariane, I make that point simply because obviously, he has put on here the Muslim countries that he wanted and he added in two others, so it's not called a Muslim ban.

And now, she is denying in what she has said to a congressional committee that she is aware of any issues or events, as the way he put it, that clearly she knew had happened. Thank you very much, Jessica.

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Is Erin Burnett a Lesbian? Here's the other point that's very important, you just raised, free toronto dating site Erin.

And Comey is a lawyer, and he wanted it to be accurate, and it was accurate based on what he was saying. He finally says Manafort was writing the so far unpublished draft as recently as last week.

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Has anyone ever put words in Donald Trump's mouth? Candidate Donald Trump was always half in the bag. That's just as bad an argument as the argument that President Trump was making, that the President can't have a conflict of interest. Look, this list Trump's attorney Dowd in a really bad spot. There's no question this is a big win for the Trump administration.

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First, that John Dowd is responsible for those tweets, and when is the last time that anybody put words in Donald Trump's mouth? They are Donald Trump's words.

Erin, now prosecutors, though, with this disclosure, they're pushing back on any revised bail agreement. Even with all the work both Erin and David have on their plate they still have more than enough time for their family.

Fish Delight sometimes, right? It has to do with the issuance of visas, so that could take time.

We don't know that at the moment. And, Laura, this is obviously where the story gets very, very important.

And she then could face some real trouble. The President of course did not act on that recommendation for weeks.

Well, he's not saying he didn't. They had, I believe, two meetings. And nothing could be further from the truth, and it cost him his office.

And good evening, I'm Erin Burnett. Burnett first started as a financial analyst in the investment broking division working for Goldman Sachs. Erin Burnett has never been confirmed to be a lesbian. Erin Burnett with her son Nyle Erin Burnett Height and Weight Looking at Erin Burnett you would not be convinced that she is a reporter as it might be mistaken because of her looks. What did Donald Trump order?

Tim, I will just you a chance to react. They threw a couple others in there to add to it.