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Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating Stoneys Rockin Country. All Rachel wanted was to hold Quinn or kiss her in public but whenever she thought about it, it always made her cry. She made sure Rachel looked okay before returning to class. She texted Quinn to meet her there.

Quinn had tried to call Rachel but she was up late rehearsing with the glee club until they got the blocking and choreography down. Rachel and the glee club decided to change the song the night before the pep rally. How will affect the glee club?

It was only when he start singing to the Grease classic that she seen him. How did we not kill each other? What if that family was the Jones and if Mercedes and Quinn grew up like actual sisters? Do you want me to help you study?

Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray - Works

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to publish it while waiting for my dad to get the keys for the rental car. Quinn wanted nothing more than to run over to her and hold her but she couldn't. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She just has to join something with Quinn that will bring them closer and give them more time together. The picture was of Quinn in the air doing splits in that very revealing cheerio skirt.

This is the story of their life, starting in Rachel's freshman year and ending I don't know when. While the end result is beautiful, they were never able to have the full prom experience together. Rachel woke up bright and early to exercise on her elliptical with idea of Quinn and her perfect and how she wanted to be perfect for her. Quinn never thought she would be the one saying this, but life doesn't work out how you thought it would.

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And that s what you MISSED last time on GLEE Chapter 1 Pilot a glee fanfic

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating a co

Quinn-Rachel Relationship

Finn tried to pay attention in spanish but the language bored him. They'd put together two scrapbooks for her to help her remember, and Brittany had helped her keep track of things for her memory notebook. She wasn't fat, best she worked hard on her elliptical every morning. She had years of dance training.

Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

Are quinn and rachel dating on glee

Nerdy nobody Rachel Berry is secretly dating popular cheerleader Quinn Fabray. She is secretly hoping that having a physical experience will make her a better actress ahead of her college auditions. We've been dating since sophomore year, dating numbers free when my dad kicked me out.

  • That is until she, quite literally, stumbles into Rachel Berry.
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  • Rachel wanted to be a star, the star.
  • Give it a shot and bare with me.
  • Schuester planted weed in Finn's after hearing him sing locker only to find it and blackmail him into joining the Glee club.

Quinn, Santana and Brittany had been fantastic. Finn looked on in envy while Puck welcomed Quinn with a long kiss, Blaine doing the same with Kurt, subscription jealous that he couldn't do the same with his girlfriend. Rachel didn't mind though she knew that she couldn't pull of a lead vocal in hip-hop music. Quinn and her made out for an hour with some heavy petting involved until Quinn seen the time and reluctantly headed home. The blonde was now in her girlfriend's room on what she knew was limited time.

Quinn pretended to be annoyed at Rachel but Rachel could see the smile in her eyes even when Quinn pretended to not know her last name. He could never get up on time. He tried to talk her into coming back. While he does this in an effort to calm her down, it was very awkward as she was engaged to Will at the time. Her memory would come back, she was sure of it.

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The Schuesters arrived at McKinley half an hour later, ten minutes before home room. Rachel had never had anyone be that nice to her in public. She knew Sue would never let her join the Cheerios so she had to find another option. They were putting their stuff into their lockers when four people walked up behind them.

Gold stars were kinda her thing. She had no choice but to join the Celibacy Club which was a bit hypocritical as she and Quinn had had sex on many occasions but she went along anyway. This is my first ever fan-fic to write. Quinn watched as Rachel pulled apart their gaze when Mr Schuester walked up the bleachers to sit with Rachel. Rachel leaned in and kissed Quinn.

Quinn Fabray My Girlfriend a glee fanfic

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating

This is my first fanfic so im not great at summaries. Quinn put her hand over the brunette's. She was to be the one loving and holding Quinn not him.

  1. Early on in the series, Rachel develops a crush on Will Schuester, and is infatuated with how he performs.
  2. She loved that evil part of Quinn's mind.
  3. Quinn might never have sex with her again if she seen her perform that.
  4. She remembered it was her turn to sing.
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  6. She watched until Sue snuck up behind her with Santana in toe.
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Schuester was taking over. She was like that crazy chick Suzy Peppers and her obsession with peppers only Rachel would never crush on Will Schuester and Rachel wasn't crazy. While Finn has nothing but his love for Rachel on his mind, Rachel has other motives. Unbeknown to her, Rachel Berry might just be the change that she needs. Want to know what would have been a better decision?

Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating - Warrior Adrenaline Race

Her hands were on Quinn's waist but were soon wandering down to touch the bare skin of Quinn's thigh. Quinn tried a last ditch effort to keep Finn away from her baby. Rachel decided to go for her plan B.

Thankfully, Emma Pillsbury stops her and informs her of other ways to be noticed. Quinn had to sit in the bleachers and make fun of her with her cheerio friends in order to keep up pretences. Naturally, she assumes that the world is going to end and that nothing could be worse. When Quinn Fabray started taking dance classes the summer after sophomore year, she had only hoped to lose her pregnancy weight and get back into shape. She then said something about not chasing after married men which confused Rachel but then asked her.

Stoneys Rockin Country

She wasn't sure if Rachel had actually remembered, or just guessed based on the fact that that was something she'd find romantic. She made Rachel go to her office and gave her a pamphlet. The balloon between Finn and Quinn popped and Finn swore it was his zipper. And, even more, she hadn't expected to see Rachel Berry there. Her eyes narrow further, and Quinn growls, low and husky.

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating

In fact, it is possible that Finn is her first serious boyfriend. Quinn looked horrified when she seen Finn pretend to hump her girl. The Schuesters had lockers that were in a line next to each other, so the four of them walked together through the busy halls of McKinley High. She stormed out and wanted nothing more than to talk to her girlfriend but she knew that they couldn't. But it seems that Rachel Berry is the one that needed the lessons most.

FanFiction - Are quinn and rachel dating on glee

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