How iD Fresh manages to supply packaged batter for a million idlis every day

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His four cousins hold the position of co-founders in the company. Within a few weeks, this small factory in a suburb of Bengaluru was running full steam and the idea was validated. The company has set up small-scale manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Dubai to ensure that different geographies are supplied with freshly-made stocks. The year was and the place was Bengaluru. While iD prefers to keep its recipes simple, they do innovate when it comes to packaging.

He identifies such opportunities and builds on it. Hailing from Kerala, the brothers were more familiar with appam, rather than idlis and dosas.

What also worked in favour of iD was its social connections to the network of Malayali-run grocery stores in Bengaluru. We have partnered with thousands of retail stores and the supply to all these areas are completed by two pm latest. And there are millions of households that buy this batter to prepare food items. The company has also gone international with sales in the Middle East. He could have gone ahead and picked the highest paying job but the foodie in him made Musthafa do something he loved but had no background in - food and manufacturing.

Hailing from Kerala theWhat also worked in favour

All you now need to do is pick up a packet of ready-made idli batter from your local grocer or supermarket. It is then supplied to stores across Bengaluru and other cities we operate in.

At that time, the company was people strong and the new funds are to be used to scale up and introduce more products. There are various models- delivery from restaurants, Internet-first kitchens etc.

There are a lot of startups in the food delivery space and after a big splurge of funding, we are seeing a correction in the market. All across India, batter for idlis and dosas is sold in plastic bags with a rubber band to seal it. In the coming months the company expects to start selling vada batter, and ragi and millet dosa batter. Its is a great example of a new brand that has built a strong, sustainable venture in the food industry. The company also has partnerships with grocery delivery portals like Bigbasket, Grofers etc.

Musthafa has developed a mobile app through which he gets access to live sales updates at retail stores. They had to increase bandwidth and get their product into as many stores as possible. After a few years of steady growth, iD Fresh decided to raise funds and expand its reach. They bought a couple of machines for the batter and packagingand iD Fresh was born.

He identifies such opportunities and

With a use-by date of three to six days from the date of manufacture, the fresh batter can be first used to make idlis and then, after slight fermentation, to make dosas. Musthafa got along with his four brothers and decided to start with a small pilot. Viswanath says he could not have imagined something as simple as idli-dosa batter being sold in a packed form. Besides batter, iDfresh has also introduced Malabar parotas and chutneys which have become a household item in south India. Choice Stores, a square feet grocer in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, was one such stockist.