Includetext not updating

Includetext not updating

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The preceding link is to Microsoft's documentation. If the function keys are not working, chances are good it has to do with your Computer or another program intercepting them.

If you have bookmarked a paragraph or heading in your document, the next time you open the document you can use Goto to move to your bookmarked location. Notice that Word has added this new bookmark to the bookmark list. One of your bookmarks will fill the Enter bookmark name field. Word Bookmarks by Cindy Meister. This is especially handy when you find that there are parts of your document that are constantly being updated.

If you have bookmarked a

Working with Fields and Forms in Word

Advance Field The Advance Field is an old field.

It will find their results. There is no similar function for Replace. You do this by insertion of a cross-reference to the text of the bookmark.

You can use bookmarks to jump in and out of those problem spots quickly. See Hijacked Function Keys. Once field codes are displayed, you can use the Find command. Navigating With Bookmarks Now that you have marked your document with bookmarks, let's go over the easy ways to move throughout your document using them. To be able to find fields, you must toggle the display of fields to show the field codes.

Inserting Bookmarks We have all used bookmarks at one time or another. Word does the same thing in long documents. When I am working with bookmarked text and want to preserve the bookmark, I will put my insertion point cursor inside of the bookmarked text - just after the first letter of that text.

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