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Find the same characters on the computer screen, then tick. Firstly, a letter or parcel with a tracking number. Or use the character input menu I have. This will help you automatically fill in the prefecture, city and town machi, cho.

If it's something from the U

The form is not in English, but the Japanese should be simple enough to find and input. Type in any additional address information such as neighborhood number, apartment building and unit number. Unfortunately, I can't access that now since I don't have a redelivery form, but there is an example of how to do all this in Japanese. If not, go ahead and try it again. Since I use a Mac, it is easy for me to turn on those languages and switch between U.

For the sake of length though, I won't go into more detail about that in this post. Do not enter redelivery date here. However, check your redelivery notice, the mail type is marked in the bottom half of the slip. Everytime they'd come before, I'd shove the notice in my backpack and pull it out at work to show the coworker next to me. The link here provides instructions for the phone system.

So, I went back and did it again and it worked the next day. You might feel reluctant to contact the post office if you are not confident with your Japanese. Notice the labels have English in gray next to them.

Choose the date of first delivery from the box. Of course, you can also bring the notice into the post office and give it to the clerk, but I was never able to make it to the post office before it closed due to work. Or, learn how you can arrange a redelivery from Yamato Kuroneko.

Again, the english is listed under the kanji. That red and white notice in my mailbox letting me know I had missed a package. To be honest, I botched it the first time. Finally, enter your phone number. Next is where you want the package redelivered.

The second is somewhere in the neighborhood. But reality is, it is not that hard if you choose the right option. If you chose to have it redelivered to your home, then you will be taken to a screen to choose the day and approximate time. As for time, the horizontal bar, the first option means whenever.

If it's something from the U. Make sure to choose the language you want to translate to in this case English. Instructions in English and Japanese are also provided on the redelivery slip. Which is due for another post. The rest I type in hiragana or katakana the lettering systems in Japan.

How to Redeliver a Japan Post Package - Expat Family Guide

Next, enter redelivery address. If you have digits tracking number, go left and enter the number without hyphen. There are a few options to request for redelivery that can be made by using information on the notice. What I like most is that its for pre-intermediate to advanced level students.

The rest are two hour time slots, and of course, on military time. By telephone English speaking operator available English speaking operators are available in Japan Post call center. Scroll down, and choose the mail type. Secondly, a letter or parcel with a notice number instead of tracking number. If you have digits notice number, go right and enter the number without hyphen.

The second is anytime before noon. The package wasn't delivered the next day like I had specified.

The package wasn't delivered the

So basically, Gakuu really complements Textfugu. You can also appoint preferred timeslot of redelivery, or redirect the letter or parcel to other address. She'd offer to call for me and arrange a redelivery time. If there is no one to receive the mail at the time of delivery, Japan Post staff will leave a delivery notice. Date of the first delivery Information on a delivery notice may be hand written by carrier or printed on a strip of paper looks like receipts from shops.

The second is anytime before noon