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Anyway, one of our buddies backed out so we had a spare ticket. The best memories are still to come! What is your favorite memory with the Bride?

Our love of baseball has led us on several trips to see ballparks across the country. Jennifer Lundy - Bridesmaid How do you know the Bride?

How is that even possible? Desiree Dietiker - Bridesmaid How do you know the Bride?

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One could say how could John and I not be best friends? Jenna got to meet the Prewitt family in short order, got to spend a weekend with John and a couple of his idiot friends and never skipped a beat.

It is hard for me to say my favorite Jenna memory as she is in almost all my favorite memories as an adult. It is close to impossible to pick one favorite memory with Jenna. Jenna and I met on a spring break trip to Mexico during our sophomore year of college, and I immediately knew we were meant to be best friends!

Most of my greatest memories over the last decade involve Jenna. Well, she is my sister so my parents brought her home one day and I didn't have much say in the matter!

Mindy Kaling was the one who officially messed up her lines the most and Rainn Wilson had the biggest potty mouth on set. Then one day, he brought a girl along one of these visits to join us - enter Jenna.

Jenna met my sister who lived in south Florida at the time, thought she was pretty normal and decided that I must be pretty normal. He told me she was a physician assistant, that she was short with blonde hair, and to top it all off her name, dating cosent in mexico Jenna!

We have been to Boston where we stayed with her Aunt Sharon. But I have a feeling I will have something new to add to the list very quickly! Bobby Rauscher - Groomsman How do you know the Groom? Angela Grobstein - Bridesmaid How do you know the Bride?

Son of Bridesmaid, Jennifer Lundy. The fact that we are still friends after being roommates both in and out of college as well as now currently residing in separate states says a lot about him. Or even just sitting on the purple couch listening to the infamous mix and taking hundreds of selfies because we were always the first ones ready. Every single one of these memories is one of my favorites for different reasons, but mostly because these are the experiences that we will treasure, and will bring us laughs planking, anyone? Having Prewitt in my wedding certainly ranks high up on the list.

She welcomed me as her friend with open arms and our friendship grew from there! She was fun and seemed to fit in with our sometimes rowdy group of testosterone-filled and beer-fueled dudes. Favorite memory with the Bride and Groom? We worked together for a few years and became great friends over Four Peaks beer with regular visits to the Tempe brewery for food and brews. Anthony Bucad - Groomsman How do you know the Groom?

Eric George - Groomsman How do you know the Groom? My favorite moment with Jenna is hard to choose. Over time, even though we didn't work together anymore, those visits continued.

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Jaimie Quinn - Bridesmaid How do you know the Bride? This is sort-of cheating, but I have been fortunate enough to have been on many trips with Jenna over the years. He told me about her with excitement in his voice. Almost all my favorite memories include Jenna, so it's hard to narrow it down, from visiting her in Miami and St. So grateful for that trip and that our friendship has continued to grow since then!

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In fact, we were so tame that our parents had to wonder if we really were that lame or if we were really excellent at deception. Mat Bryant - Groomsman How do you know the Groom? The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and let's just say his former Office wife has certainly noticed his new ab-tastic physique. Chris Deianni - Groomsman How do you know the Groom?

Krista Hutchison - Bridesmaid How do you know the Bride? Favorite memory with the Bride? And all the rest to come in the future. Favorite memory with the Groom? Since then, I'm lucky to say that both of them have been among my very best friends on this planet and we've had countless good times.

While we were out there, we were going to be staying with John's sister and planned to have dinner with his parents at another great brewery, Stone in Escondido. Wishing Jenna and John all the best in their next stage of life together. John realized that this ball would bring much more joy to this fan than to himself and I am sure John will bring this same big-hearted nature and giving attitude to this marriage. The total sum of hours playing mini basketball if added up would be in the millions.

Who is Jenna Fischer dating? Jenna Fischer boyfriend, husband