Everyone Is Losing It Over This Photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Katie holmes jamie foxx dating

He feels betrayed by both of them. In fact, he even left in the middle of an interview when he was asked about her. News at the time that Katie and Jamie have hung out on more than one occasion since then, but nothing to make it seem like there's anything more than friendship going on here. Foxx ended an interview over this surprising question. Why it works for them This is perhaps the key to a lasting relationship.

Sources close to her and Foxx quickly debunked those reports before they got out of hand. Plus, dancing doesn't equal dating. He wanted the conversation on his new game show instead.

He also will star in Baby Driver and Robin Hood. It turns out the game show was a smash hit with the summer season approaching. The photo that finally confirmed the relationship status. This star outed the couple during a podcast. That's been the ongoing question when it comes to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

Those rumors never died downThe Oscar winner did not speak

Both Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been super secretive about their relationship. Gossip Cop has debunked rumors that the two were planning to wed this summer.

This included Holmes wearing a disguise

It was here that the Hollywood duo were photographed dancing together. This included Holmes wearing a disguise when she would visit Foxx.

Katie Holmes Supports Boyfriend Jamie Foxx Subtly Through Sunglasses

The Oscar winner did not speak out on his rumored romance. Those rumors never died down, but the pair still seemed determined to try and keep their relationship private.

There is also that photo of the two holding hands inside a recording studio, which surfaced on social media. Last year, Hollywood Life reported rumors that Cruise was upset about the union.

It was here that

However, Jamie Foxx said it while he was smiling. According to reports, though, the Annie star also rocked out with Ellen DeGeneres and other stars that night, too. So, that could be kind of awkward for the fellow actors.