Lenora Crichlow is dating and in a relationship with Former Ex-boyfriend Aidan Turner

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But Aidan refused to be rushed

Aidan Turner and All the Women He has Dated

But Aidan refused to be rushed and, in the session I was in, greeted every woman with a kiss, every man with a handshake and did his best to slow the photographer down. He was also spotted kissing a girl named Tara Derakshan who is a marketing manager. Many people started claiming that it might be the greatest heartbreak for him thus quit the show. You have to make those connections all the time then, before you know it you're so far in, it's hard to decipher which bit is you and which is the character. Since both were often separated by their work, the relationship didn't go long.

The exact reason of their split has never been discussed in the media. Going through his Instagram account, we didn't find any pictures of him with any other girls. There was once moments when every people got jealous and hoped for the relationship like Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner. Also, Lenora and Aidan have never spoken anything about the pictures till the date. Know more about the drama love story.

Yes, her real name is Lenora Crichlow. In the supernatural drama series Being Human, Aidan played the role of vampire whereas Lenora was a ghost. The couple also got separated after dating for some years. Yeah, I would think you have to give a lot to it, yeah.

Right after their

Everyone must be familiar with the news about her link up with Aidan Turner, I guess. Aidan and Sarah started dating in and dated for almost five years. Aidan Turner kissing Tara Derakshan.

Right after their breakup, it was very hard for the couple to stay together for the drama, thus Aidan decided to quit the show while Lenora stayed and continued her journey. There's not much to it really.

There's not much to it