Why You Should Refuse To Lower Your Standards One Hundred Percent Of The Time

Lowering standards in dating what is second

It's not one or the other. We create these lists and rules and regulations when it comes to dating. Attraction is highly subjective. Everyone deserves someone who is thoughtful, loving, and intelligent. He even smokes cigarettes, which was something that was always a deal breaker for me.

It had nothing to do with his personality or upbringing, it just had to do with trivial parts of his life. When I'm in a relationship I like to make time for them and for them vice versa.

We create theseIt's not one or the other

Why You Should Refuse To Lower Your Standards One Hundred Percent Of The Time

You don't see anyone trying convince men that they should start relationships with women they are blatantly unattracted to. No more guys from my hometown. We need standards, but we need realistic standards. That would be like asking me to choose between blood and oxygen, when clearly both are necessary for me to live. After I had been burned by the male sex for the th time, I was so set on having rules.

That may be true since you don't really know who is on the other side of the screen. When the suggestion of lowering dating standards comes up in any conversation, people get offended. Just like the compatibility and chemistry need to be present. You aren't perfect but you do what you can. You swore off guys with degrees in journalism because one dude in your news writing class treated you poorly six years ago.

Attraction is highly subjective

My boyfriend is a musician. He grew up down the street from me. We need to be realistic, thoughtful, and willing to make changes. We all have them and we have to make sure we spend time focusing on them. What makes you stand out past other people.