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But Supermarket brands are for decor only. He has a range of products, foods, meals etc which are supposedly healthier products with fewer calories e.

Excellent sour cherry variants. These days it is very widespread, from small villages to the Hungarian capital. You can also try a much cheaper local Christmas fondant candy branded as Norbi. Many tons of Christmas fondant candies are sold all over in Hungary before Christmas, and then what is left after Christmas is often sold at a reduced price.

These days itYou can also try a muchExcellent sour cherry variants

So we may as well call them Hungarian Christmas truffles, festive bonbons, silky smooth winter sweets. Milka is the market leader in the milk chocolate Christmas candies with hazelnut filling, which are quite sweet.

Other families take a thread and make a string of szaloncukor as a decor on the Christmas tree. Still, somehow a szaloncukor taken from the tree tastes better. The candy most probably came to Hungary via German sweets traders and makers fondant was originally made in medieval France. He even has a good and very popular lunch diner selling very cheap Hungarian meals as lunch menus.

One of the most popular Hungarian novelists, Mor Jokai called them Szalon czukkedli, which also shows that the name of the candy started off as a borrowed word from German. Norbi is a Hungarian fitness guru who is a great divider in Hungary. Hungarian Traditions related to the Fondant Many families hang the szaloncukor fondants on the Christmas tree, and place a basketful of them on the Christmas table. Sour cherry Almond But Szamos can be enjoyed.

Norbi update mustard, Norbi update ketchup, etc. Budapest led the fashion, but the tradition of szaloncukor fondants were quickly picked up by families living outside Budapest. Make sure you only buy szaloncukor fondants in a manufactured box, as these candies have been tested.