Donnie Yen is an Absolute Gangsta in Rogue One

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Donnie Yen is an Absolute Gangsta in Rogue One

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The fox attempts to touch the crystal, only to have its paw burned before a mysterious force whisks it away. Wukong travels through the flames to the core of the kiln and consumes the elixir. In Heaven, Wukong comes across a large kiln. Unable to change her husband's mind, Iron Fan watches heartbroken as the Bull Demon King goes through with his plan. Wukong explains he wishes to learn the secret of immortality.

Wukong returns to Mount Huaguo to much fanfare from the monkeys. The storm unleashes a massive tidal wave which threatens to drown Flaming Mountain, but it is frozen by Princess Iron Fan. The Jade Emperor agrees to welcome Wukong into Heaven. He attempts to fight the Bull Demon King as well only to be killed.

To help right wrongs and save the townspeople from a corrupt monk, Donnie Yen teams up with the titular hero for some of the most fantastic fights in film history. Recalling the promise he made to Ruxue, Wukong decides to go to Heaven and learn the secret to immortality for Ruxue and his other friends, not wanting any of them to die.

Seeing how enraged he is, the Emperor tries to talk sense into Wukong, who refuses to see reason. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

At first, the Dragon King pretends to comply with Wukong's request but tries to have Wukong executed instead. In a last ditch effort to kill the monkey, the Bull Demon King transforms into a giant, bull-like monster. He finds Ruxue's body with a strange, shadowy substance around her neck. Before he departs, Wukong notices a large staff firmly planted in the sea.

The Dragon King tells him of Wukong's destruction and demands the Emperor deal with it. Until that time, Buddha will turn his hand into a mountain, and Wukong will remain there asleep. Ruxue says that when she turns years old, she will die.