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Most intimidating intro song

With their hip-hop makeover came a brand-new theme that sounded like something straight off a Coolio record. Our Fear of Flying An airline guarantees your protection during travel to a destination.

Our Fear of

In theory, I get the reason why one of our Facebook friends would propose this song. Every time you hear it you want to smile, and it's a perfect reminder than when a theme song fits someone beautifully, it makes for wrestling perfection. You could spill coffee on your pants and stain them. Sam Spence, we can't thank you enough.

Throw Flair strutting his way down to the ring like only he can into the mix, and you've got one of the best entrances of all time. The tune helped Scotty and Sexay find their calling as fun-loving fan favorites as they rocketed up the charts. Safety is probably the most popular way of describing what God offers us through the gospel.

The God of the universe satisfied and vindicated. You could get a paper cut reading the Chronicles of Narnia.

The guitar work alone

Being a New England guy, that's more my style. God has become our light and salvation. This one is absolutely a keeper. Now, that's not to say that the Canon can't be awesome. Your brain automatically associates it with horror films.

With their hiphop makeover

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The guitar work alone is brilliant, and it is a perfect accompaniment for Austin and his classic ring entrance. But what all great themes do is pump the crowd up for the arrival of a wrestler, which is exactly what Goldberg's theme tune used to do.

Fans got in on the act, too, dancing in arenas across the country. And if your cold, cold heart can resist that avalanche of joy, then clearly you are a Kevin Owens fan.

After all, without it we wouldn't have Canon Rock. Our main character has stumbled upon an extremely complex and powerful factory. It's hard-hitting and heavy, and it just seemed to suit Edge to perfection every time he made his way to the ring. With the dark lighting and the slow chiming of the bells, The Undertaker's entrance music is one of the most memorable and iconic in wrestling history.

He watched footage of the monstrous Superstar, taking notice of the way he stomped to the ring. The greatest horror we can ever face is having our lives held up before a holy God. So it is with every fear in this life, even the most horrifying and excruciating ones. And whilst their talent inside the ring should not be forgotten, nor should this awesome theme tune. And judging by the crowd's reaction, it seems they felt exactly the same, too.