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Night dance clubs in bangalore dating, nightlife In Bangalore

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Although a rather new destination, it is steadily rising to fame and thus sits in the list of some of the top clubs in Bangalore. Let's take a look Microbreweries A fact well-established, Bangalore is a heavenly abode for beer fanatics. Prost Almost as if it were the remains of a wrecked ship, this is probably the place with the most rustic ambience.

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Nightlife In Bangalore

Happy Brew is also large-group-friendly and conducts sing-along sessions. Big Brewsky A humongous space, quite literally. The home-brewed wheat beer is out of the world and goes very well with the Murgh Awadhi Tikka.

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Over the past year, the club has been a favourite destination for some top artists and fans for their top class lighting systems as well as sound set up. Known for its contemporary interiors and loft-style architecture, the club enthrals each and every one who enters as well as the artists who perform here. They also have an open seating space by the pool at the rear end of the place.

After Mumbai, Delhi and Go, it is Bangalore's turn to leave you spellbound with its vivacious nightlife. Nightlife The Garden City of India also doubles as the pub central housing some of the grooviest party destinations. Fun-filled nights are unquestionably guaranteed at Sutra! From underground watering holes to live karaokes to microbreweries to posh nightclubs, gula kabung online dating Bangalore has it all!

The seating is also extremely comfortable. High Ultra Lounge This place barely needs an introduction because it is the all-time talk of the town. And do not miss the baked nachos while you're there. The seating arrangement is a mix of long benches, leather couches, and wooden chairs.

The dance floor is wild, loud and extremely crowded on weekends. The trademark Volkswagen truck converted into a bar adds to the clubs well-constructed interiors and the food is ever so brilliant.

However, make sure your wallet is loaded and reservations are a must! If not, start planning your weekends accordingly. The slick club matched with some top notch interiors offers a perfect blend of food, beverages and music that will sure enough keep pretty much everyone happy. Bollywood chartbusters are often part of the playlist as well for all you desi-fanatics!

Gulp down a few Long Island Iced Teas and proceed to the dance floor to show off your dancing skills. Republique Pub and Terrace Lounge With a hip and happening dance floor and a dimly lit and lively bar area, this gastropub carries the perfect vibes for weekend shenanigans. It has the best dance floors for you to groove on. Pebble surely has something for everyone and hence has attracted several people over the years who crave to dance to the beats of their favourite artists beneath the trademark Banyan tree.

This super cool brewpub even allows tasters. Wrought iron motifs, stained glass windows and a fantastic poolside bar for the romantics - the lovely open-air ambience of this place is to die for.

Abiding by the early curfew i. Don't forget to try the Spiced Baby Potatoes that complement the beer very well. The purple-neon lighting gives the place a terrific party vibe. It is just the right place to hit especially post-sunset or when the weather is ambient.