Obras de juan vicente gonzalez yahoo dating

Obras de juan vicente gonzalez yahoo dating

He was also accused of trying to make the country a personal fief. In Congress, he is working across party lines and with local, state, and federal government to expand economic opportunity for all. Others became human slime, literally. He was quoted as saying he needed a lifetime to fulfill his political work. They were allowed to seize land and other goods so long as they did not challenge the dictator.

His cunning leadership brought enrichment to

Gomez was something more than a local despot, he was the instrument of foreign control of the Venezuelan economy, the ally and servant of powerful outside interests. By the s the country had become one of the world's major oil producers, and the finances of the Venezuelan government had expanded dramatically. He worked his way through college at Embry Riddle University where many of his classmates were active duty military personnel. Although cordial and simple in manner, his ruthless crushing of opponents through his secret police earned him the reputation of a tyrant.

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His cunning leadership brought enrichment to the country, particularly after the discovery of oil, which enabled the development of a modern infrastructure. As a small business owner, Congressman Gonzalez understands the challenges facing American businesses.

He had also become involved in the turbulent local politics of his region. However, none of these attempts to oust the dictator prospered, and he died peacefully in bed in Maracay on Dec. Thousands of people fled into exile to avoid the wrath of the regime.

Power remained essentially in the hands of the rude mountain folk who had descended upon the capital at the turn of the century. Congressman Vicente Gonzalez came to Washington to continue fighting for South Texans and ensure that individuals and communities have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

As a small business owner