Temporary and Part-Time Jobs

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You could grow herbs and sell lavender pillows. To skill up, take classes or pursue certifications. If you have a big garden and are willing to do some marketing, you might even consider renting space at your local farmers market. Join a job seekers meet-up group in your town or launch your own.

But most positions are filled either internally or through referrals. According to a CareerBuilder survey forty-five percent said they will look for work post-retirement. Sell your goods on Etsy or Meylah. You don't want to give off the vibe that you're not fully engaged in your work and are pondering an exit. Pay depends on advanced training, degrees and location.

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Very much appropriate for workers of all ages. You could also have a garden sale where you offer your locally grown plants and vegetables to other people in your town. Or perhaps you should consider drying the herbs and selling them in packets. Focus on your transferable skills and how they can help you land work. The centers also offer referrals to educational and community workforce partners.

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Walbert arranged to clock in two days a week through a job-sharing arrangement with a colleague who also wanted to cut back on hours. Some employers permit you to learn on the job, but a certificate from a nationally recognized medical assistant program is preferred.

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The sight of blood shouldn't make you squeamish. Experience working in libraries is desirable, as is an undergraduate or master's degree in library science. After all, we have decades of experience and a strong work ethic.

The ability to manage projects, for example, is a transferable skill. If you are comfortable working with a computer and the phone, telecommuting or working from home is a solid option. In essence, you're performing front-office duties, such as checking in patients, verifying insurance information, answering telephones, scheduling appointments and typing. Vary by practitioner but are generally on weekdays during typical office hours. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Upbeat and energetic people are a plus for most employers and, frankly, some firms assume older applicants are dour and low-energy. You need to assure your boss that you're not looking to abruptly jump ship, but rather trying to develop a smooth transition that will benefit the company in the long run. Be on a first-name basis with the manager of your hardware store. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Never send money or give out personal information. That can be a powerful tool to an employer to train replacements or welcome millennial employees into the department.

Wages can be higher depending on experience and certification. Rather than accept a position where you will resent the pay or walk away from an offer that is not up to snuff, consider ways to negotiate. These jobs are often booked through a home care agency.

Finding the Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Do this a year or more ahead of time, particularly if this is new territory at your workplace. Contena members have made money writing for hundreds of great companies from around the world. Pay can vary widely based on location and type of library, with some smaller ones relying on volunteers. They provide information on various seasonal jobs at places like summer camps, dude ranches, and vacation resorts. Some are also looking for ways to create an income while they are in-between jobs.