The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett

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The Albion, in Russell-street, Covent-garden. You get an excellent chop for a very small sum. It is good to be in London again. Comprising five separate campuses that offer a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills programs. The visitor may dine well and respectably for a shilling, or luxuriously for a guinea.

Offers professional training in hospitality management. Eight botanical ingredients are used in the production of the Original Dry Gin variety as opposed to the ten in Bombay Sapphire. The Restaurants and Dining-Rooms of Continental cities are less comfortable, less cleanly, provide no better fare, and charge no lower rates.

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Accommodation, Food and Beverage and Professional Cookery to approximately students. Students gain practical experience during their studies and build a professional network in preparation for their career. In Diageo sold the brand to Bacardi.

If the point be not raised by the Waiter, the enquiry should be made by the diner. Although an exciting development, Rudolph points out that it will affect the way that training institutions are run as businesses. For real turtle and cold punch, there is Painter's, the Ship and Turtle, in Leadenhall-street, and the well-known Birch's, in Cornhill. To box the entire compass would be impossible in the space at our command, and we must still leave whole continents to the curious explorer. Comprehensive and specialised training is based on classic gastronomic principles, coupled with innovative thinking and creative flair.

Albion Tavern, in Aldersgate-street City. Ship and Turtle, Leadenhall-street, famous for its turtle. Offers fully accredited hospitality training to hotels, lodges and game reserves in all provinces in South Africa, as well as Ghana, Namibia, Seychelles, Tanzania and Botswana. Specialises in sugar and chocolate craft and also teaches full culinary programs resulting in a well-balanced all-rounded chef.

Accommodation Food and Beverage and Professional

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Emphasis on creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the hospitality industry. Top graduates can apply to attend the Week Summer programme at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France as the campus is a member of this exclusive worldwide alliance. Offers a number of internationally accredited programmes that will equip budding chefs with the skills to build a career in the challenging and globally competitive world of cuisine. In Fleet-street, the Cock, No. Now offering full time and short skills programmes.