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He starts to dislike the Harkonnen rule there, and is getting more and more interested in the native Fremen of the desert and the possibility of terraforming the planet. However, the authors advertise future events far too clearly, undermining the suspense of the story. Leto finds himself at home at the Earl's home at the Grand Palais of Ix. She begins plotting against her husband, the Old Duke. Anderson, of course fits into the first category.

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Overall, if you read this book, set your expectations. These books were written to be read after the original Dune novels. The Emperor, who is already feuding with the Earl of Ix, is willing to give them a hand. Fortunately, after having read only this one book, I firmly believe Brian Herbert along with Kevin J. After having read this book, interactial dating I find some of the criticism valid.

But it's also clear that the authors did try to flesh out the Dune universe in a way that would satisfy Frank Herbert. Dune clearly represents the climax of a struggle, and so having a major story set just decades before might have detracted from its power. This book - and the other House books - doesn't have a particularly strong story.

Mohiam avenges the assault by giving the Baron an incurable disease which over time will make the Baron obese, destroying his beautiful body. The Tleilaxu establish a new government on Ix, renaming the planet Xuttuh. None of that mattered as it added to the depth and brevity of his novels.

It is a bold and risky venture, for House Atreides has limited military resources and many ruthless enemies, including the sadistic Baron Harkonnen, despotic master of Dune. Leto then becomes the leader of House Atreides as a teenager and must find a way to save his Atreides empire from destruction. House Atreides could have done a better job setting up a story. Leto, Rhombur and Kailea manage to escape in the nick of time and make it back to the Atreides homeworld of Caladan. Blindness can take many forms other than the inability to see.

And it does a really good job of just that. The Imperial family is ravaged by rumours of poison and betrayal.

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And, despite the title, this book isn't exclusively, or even primarily, about House Atreides but rather covers a range of Dune characters. Needless to say I love Herbert's Dune series, it really blew my mind on many levels.

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Pardot Kynes arrives on Arrakis and begins his duties there. Not only has he found an equal in Prince Rhombur, but he has also fallen in love with the Earl's daughter, Kailea. Leaders are often blinded in their hearts. The Bene Gesserit, however, determine to save Leto as they need him for their breeding program. An in addition to the characters, this is also a wonderful expansion of the setting.

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