The Life And Times Of Reema Kagti

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So, yes, I hope some day I can direct him. And both of them seem to have terrific control over their art. They are two of the finest actors, and their processes of acting are very different from each other.

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And the only reason that has happened is because it is a safe place for women to work. And these love stories are a bit boring for me.

They both have different processes, but ultimately what matters is when the camera turns on. It is also great to work with him as a producer.

And more and more women directors are coming up. In fact, I have actually worked with Amitabh on Lakshya, but he was so busy on shoots that I never got a chance to talk to him properly. But you know, they put your quote at the end and they make it feel like it is nothing.

And to manage a casting coup of sorts too, with Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji in the same film, is indeed a cause for celebration. This was during the time he was shooting for Ghajini. Not really, because I do not think about those things. And before the scene she wants to know what the character is about, the back story, what is going on in her head, etc.

But getting to your question - obviously Hindi cinema has inspired me in my formative years. But I also watch world films now. But rarely do you meet a person who has seen the film and liked it. And while climbing down, I got stuck. In all the stories that came out, a few reporters actually called me.

The outspoken director is confident about her story. Rani is used to doing a lot of practice before she does a scene.

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