List of tertiary characters

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Biography After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she came out and grabbed him moving him to safety. However, he is able to finally steal all seven balls from our heroes by trapping them in a room and knocking them out with sleeping gas. Trivia Tall Man seems to be a parody of the type of heroes in old westerns. Yamcha ends up failing when he sees Bulma completely naked. When the boss of the rabbit mob Monster Carrot showed up he turned Bulma into a Carrot with his handshake.

While there everyone looked in fear of Bulma who was still in the Bunny Costume Oolong had given her. When the plan ended up failing he decided to take on Oolong in combat and capture him. Biography When he is reunited with Alexi after Oolong's defeat he is surprised to see that she was living in luxury the whole time.

After Oolong revealed his real form which was a pig he showed the villagers where he kept the daughters and Bulma was given another one of the Dragon Balls by Grandma Paozu. Monster Carrot then threatened Goku to not move or he would eat Bulma allowing the two members to beat up Goku. This causes Goku to lose all sense of himself and transform into a giant, deadly ape-like monster.

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After the boss battle, she accepts to travel to Kame House with Goku because she wants to learn martial arts. Her riding on the Flying Nimbus when Master Roshi met her indicates that she was pure of heart. Puar who is disguised as Goku ends up luring Oolong who is disguised as Bulma out of the trailer for Yamcha to go and steal the balls.

Oolong who was completely against the idea ended up being controlled by a vitamin Bulma gave him to make him go to the bathroom whenever she says piggy. When they got back to Fire Mountain Master Roshi revealed a powerful technique called the Kamehameha Wave and destroyed the mountain. She gives Goku the Dragon Radar so that he may go after his grandfathers Dragon Ball when it can be detected again in a year. Bulma forced Oolong to come with them to go find the ball. Under the rubble Bulma found the sixth Dragon Ball.

Yamcha and Puar who were still hiding decided to temporarily switch sides and help Goku defeat Monster Carrot. Morning comes and Goku awakes with no memory of the night's events. Pilaf and his minions escape the castle in time, but Yamcha and the rest of the gang must now find a way to help their enraged friend. Yamcha hears the conversation and then dedicates his mission to getting the Dragon Balls instead of robbing them. On their way Goku defeats a Bear Thief which then impressed Bulma having her more confident in Goku's ability.

When she got different clothes on everyone stop being afraid of her because she was mistaken as a member of a local gang called the Rabbit Mob. This was also the night of a full moon. However, in both the original Japanese and Funimation dub versions, he does not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku has what it takes to beat Oolong.

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Bulma ends up losing her Dynocaps and ends up not having any vehicles for the rest of the journey. After encountering a hungry pterodactyl the two then set up camp later. When they came to the ocean the turtle brought back his master, the Turtle Hermit later to be known as Master Roshi. Goku and Bulma end up postponing their quest to help the sea turtle.

List of tertiary characters

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After doing so the balls gather in the sky and are separated once more, never to be used for another year. At first Goku thought the Dyno Cap car Bulma was driving was a monster but then revealed she was a human girl. The monster immediately proceeds to lay waste to the castle.