Self-Consolidating Concrete

Self consolidating concrete test

It accepts color either integral or

Experts advise that enough concrete for the entire countertop should be mixed in a single batch and placed in a single pour. That is probably why, up until now, a simple slump window requirement was enough, in conjunction with good consolidation practices, to lead to dense concrete elements in most applications. If applying a texture, even a broomed finish, don't start too soon or the concrete will slump back to a smooth surface. Placed flat, like for a slab, it is virtually self-leveling. Low water mixes can develop autogenous shrinkage, where the unhydrated cement consumes all of the water in the concrete matrix.

It accepts color, either integral or dry shake, as easily as any concrete. Using new admixtures and some mix modifications, we can now produce concrete that flows easily without segregating where the coarse aggregate separates from the cement paste. None of these test methods measures yield stress or viscosity, but they all simulate more or less real-scale casting environments. By developing concrete that self-consolidates, he eliminated the main cause for the poor durability performance of their concrete. The size and the spacing between the bars can be adjusted to simulate any reinforcement configuration.

Walls and columns can even be pumped from the bottom up. The U- box, L-box and J-ring tests measure the passing ability of concrete in congested reinforcement. This is really advantageous with sculptures and is why precasters love it so much.

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Self-Consolidating Concrete

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The best approach to controlling the cost is to work with your ready-mix producer to get the optimum mix for the intended use. Polycarboxylates, though, have created problems with foaming and adding unwanted air to the mix, so a de-foaming agent is added. This latter model will be used in the following paragraphs because of its simplicity. The slump cone is completely filled without consolidation, the cone lifted, and the spread of the concrete measured.

Using new admixtures and some mix

It must be used in conjunction with an Abrams cone or the Orimet setup. The dimensions may vary from one country to the other. This thickens the mix, keeping the coarse aggregate stable in the matrix and also contributes to slump flow.