She dating the gangster too review

She dating the gangster too review

But eventually they fellBut maybe this is where

But eventually, they fell in love with each other. Characters The basic characters are the same except that Carlo adopted brother on the original story and only appears after half of the story became the real brother of Athena female protagonist. But maybe this is where Kenneth and Kelay will do a better job. But while there is no mistaking the sacrifice of both Kenji and Athena, there is also an alarming sense of disappointment to their love story. Ask for something stronger.

She even keeps her glasses post-transformation sequence. The last fifteen minutes of the film will make your heart soar to heavenly heights.

Characters The basic charactersAsk for something strongerBut while there

All photos courtesy of Star Cinema One of the greatest love stories, Romeo and Juliet, was a matter of timing. The phasing of the story on the book is quite fast. And for the sake of all great love stories, my hope is that they do. This is basically the premise of the film. Life has really terrible timing sometimes.

Kendi's wedding reception and turns out to be Kenji-Athena's engagement party. Anyway, Erlie told me that a new KathNiel movie will be based on that book.

Love-struck audiences all over the country will undoubtedly wish for a love as great as Kenji and Athena's. While the book is written in English and Hangul. It also explains why they seem to be well-adjusted adults, who were able to find other things to enjoy in life after losing each other. He wears the glasses for her.

As we unravel the love story between Athena and Kenji, so do we bear witness to the love story of Kenneth and Kelay. And though the film is crippled by an unbearable number of soap opera style twists, it at least delivers on its sugar-drenched romantic promise. Although, I know it's necessary to change it because of the editing of the whole story. Without giving too much away, Kenji and Athena make the noble, arguably harder, decision.

As we unravel the love story