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Portraying two different characters in one movie and was successful in making both adorable yet unique at the same time. Image taken from here I mentioned from my book review that I was hoping that the movie adaptation would have a different ending. But it is such a multidimensional movie which tackles the different faces of love. It took me a while to appreciate KathNiel. They made sure their presence is felt while letting their co-actors KathNiel, house private lives speed dating in this case shine in their own way.

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To me, it seemed like Garcia-Molina put all the advertisements at the beginning to make room for a better adaptation of the story for the rest of the film. Some people are probably going to hate me for this fact.

Khalil Ramos, who plays Lucas, had very minimal exposure. Now if you're planning to watch it, believe the hype, don't expect too much and just accept the good things it has to offer.

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The book was then published in National Bookstore that eventually became more famous. But my husband, who most of the time just goes with me to sleep inside the cinema, thought it was good.

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Na-teary eye pa nga daw siya! The narrative is where the fun's at because it's not the usual linear love story. They never allowed their feelings for each other to cloud their decisions. Mark the date and make a reservation seat if possible.

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She's also successful in capturing a melancholic vibe that the story requires despite the hilar cheesy moments in the middle. The gangsters both the before and after versions are very funny. They treated me just so according to them I wouldn't blame them if the movie sucks balls. Na-master na niya ang kiliti ng Pinoy moviegoers.

Heck, I'm not even a KathNiel fan but they managed to make themselves likable even for the cynics. You are made for the big screen. It was done in such a way that does not confuse the viewers of what was happening.

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