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The battered factor even adds to the appeal. He also wears lipstick and has a less weathered face. Being portrayed by Elijah Wood helps.

He makes too many exaggerated facial expressions that I find distracting. Peter Maximoff is baby-faced with reddish lips and cute in an impish way. Yao even refers to him as Pretty Boy during his Shirtless Scene.

He's tall, has thick curly hair, and no real personality other than posing dramatically and expressing his Undying Loyalty to Riley. White Hair, Black Heart is a subtrope which marks a character out as a villain.

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His handsomeness is such that Chase feared losing Gert to him. These guys are often slender or slight, with fine facial features. If the pretty boy also has long, flowing hair, he is a Long-Haired Pretty Boy.

To be fair, the levels of Ho Yay in this movie probably made this reaction unavoidable. He may well be as strong or physically powerful as the other, more muscular guys, and as masculine as the more ruggedly handsome ones.

It's worth noting that he's basically a handsomer version of Jordan, the nameless boy whom Riley meets at the end and is dating in the sequel short. He even has Tooth and her helpers fangirling all over him, although it may be solely to do with his teeth. Quicksilver is affirmed to be Magneto's son, so Peter's softer, kinsaki online dating delicate features juxtapose his father's Villainous Cheekbones. Honest Trailers even poked fun at this by saying that the X-Men franchise starred a lot of twinks.

The one big physical difference between them is that Hank is a lot taller. He plays a fragile robot who is almost upgraded to a human being and resembles a doll. And this is all well and good just watch out for the Chaos Pretty Marines.

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While not every artist gets his good looks across Marcus To draws a really pretty Tim Drake with fabulous hair. The movie series contains more examples of this trope than one would normally expect for a superhero property which typically promotes a more traditional ideal of the masculine form.

She gave him her number at the end. He may be accompanied by sparkles. Legolas especially takes the cake.

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It depends on the artist, however. The writers get lazy with their characterizations and get stuck in caricature rut sometimes.

Bobby Drake's dainty facial features quickly communicate to the audience that he's a good-hearted person. Repeating a theme from First Class is Hank being a mirror image of Charles with a few key differences. Oh, he still gets the sighs, but it's because he is so damn pretty. Their scouts are cute boys, and they have legions of female fans. He's tall, slim and has a pretty face, with equally pretty eyes.

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They reflect his Adorkable personality, and even with the scars on his face, the impression Kurt Wagner leaves on viewers is that he's a lovely blue elf rather than a freaky blue demon. His career never really went anywhere, except for the show.

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This even continued when he was blue. His voice is disturbing and he's creepy as hell. Lyra popped up over Elizabeth's shoulder. Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians.

He also looks like he would get knocked over by a mild gust of wind and he runs like a girl. Many vampires in Interview with the Vampire fit in the pretty boy aesthetic with very pale complexion, making them look androgynous. Cinderella's prince from Cinderella is a handsome guy with prominent eyelashes. Frodo, as he is fairly good-looking for a Hobbit.

Ra in Stargate is supposedly the same entity as the Egyptian god of the Sun. The race of fair-skinned long haired peroxide boys. He had a flirtation with an actress in one episode.

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He has very delicate feminine features and wears make-up, including heavy eye-lines. There's something to be said about subtlety. In the comic reboot he is one of these instead. This doesn't necessarily mean he's androgynous or looks like a girl, though. Quasar of the The Avengers.

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Victor Mancha of the Runaways is usually drawn as the most attractive boy on the team. Assemble enough of these guys, and you end up with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys. Where do fangirls get these ideas?

His slim physique and long hair make him quite pretty and slightly androgynous. Quicksilver fights for the heroic team, and Magneto sides with the Big Bad. Tim gets a lot of compliments, and unwanted admirers. Wolverine invokes this when he confronts Harada, presumably as an attempt to deride the latter's masculinity.

It's a visual cue to the audience that he's an immature prankster who doesn't take life seriously. The Pretty Boy also isn't necessarily effeminate or weak.