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Does this indicate a wedding reception dinner? Fans were shocked as to why he would date someone in the company, and on top of that is just a trainee.

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You know that one scene in that one K-drama that made you cringe from the cheese, well Siwon has probably re-enacted that scene. He has explained that his ideal type is someone who has a very good sense of humour, someone who is pure or innocent, and someone who does not smoke. And there are not so many women who can understand it. My Lady and She Was Pretty.

He actually surprised Liu Wen with a trunk full of balloons and gifts. Either someone like that, or a fellow model or rich tycoon or something. He also said his last words in a radio show, dedicating his message to his beloved fans. His family is rigid Christian Protestant and he is also a devout Christian.

It was a photo that he grabbed from the internet and he forgot to credit the person who actually owns the photo. He is also good at playing the drums and taekwondo. Although in when the topic became the talk of the town, the Chinese actor herself addressed the issue. So go out there and find your fishing companion. He has another movie premiering at the end of the month, and a third debuting in the fall, with another slated to film this summer.

Millions of photos are uploaded each day, and still thousands of people join in each day. He likes playing basketball and golf. It'd be more suitable if he was matched with a teenybopper. Siwon also added that he likes someone who is positive and has pure eyes. Well, he wouldn't have to be a sports star, but you get the idea.

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However, there have rumours that have risen questioning the relationship of Choi Siwon and Liu Wen, a Chinese model. Introduction Choi Siwon is a South Korean actor and singer. His Ideal type of woman Choi Siwon has expressed what he likes in a girl. Besides dramas she also happens to enjoy food and Twitter.

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The issue still remains neutral. Does anyone know if they're paid for it? He's been the face of Audi Korea for three years, and has done numerous ad campaigns and even some runway. He also added to say that he would want his wife to be able to understand his job and maintain the household. Although some fans expressed negatively, other fans have felt that it is okay for Choi Siwon to date whoever he wants whenever he wishes.

On their last episode together, Siwon pulled out all the stops and serenaded Liu Wen with his melodic voice with beautiful Guam as a backdrop. However, majority of his fans have negative thoughts about the rumours. Of course they're getting paid.

His father is a chairman of a trading corporation and his family is known as they are very rich. Girlfriend Liu Wen The actor is currently enlisted in the military and is away. They believe that Choi did not intentionally do it. Choi Siwon can speak Korean, Chinese and English.

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In a throwback to a romanticized and simpler time, Liu Wen actually does just that and writes Siwon a sweet letter reminiscing about their time together and expressing her feelings for him. He also posted a photo of him with celebrity chef Sam Kim, posing for the camera with his tongue playfully out while showing his new hairstyle. People were awed by his bravery. My god, a hot supermodel with the cachet she has could probably get any man she wants! He had to cut his hair for the sake of his enlistment to the military.

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That, my friend, is a true gentleman. Such an intimate activity is great for promoting trust in any relationship. But, every women are same.

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Jane Austen better watch out. So sometimes he carries the bible. Although the noodles turned out tasteless, Siwon ate every single bite of it while complimenting it profusely just to make her happy.

Once in an interview, when Liu was asked if they are really both dating, Liu dropped hints here and there about a dinner that Choi will buy for everybody. My goodness, I don't know if they're dating for real or not, but if Siwon doesn't snatch this one, I can think of maybe about a gazillion guys who'd get with Liu Wen in a heartbeat. Who actually does that in real life? Nothing against Siwon, night stalker quiver disabled dating but his pairing with Liu Wen is akin to that of Justin Bieber with Gisele Bundchen even adjusting for the age difference.

What I'm even more amazed by is the fact that Liu Wen has never had a boyfriend, never been in a relationship, let alone on a date! He is also succeed well as a model. My job as an entertainer is the job that is made a decision by the results. The picture and William S. If he's not enough of a model, or rich enough for you, that's fine.

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