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Wow Carlos, what an insightful post. Chileans usually don't admit to their mistakes, even if by doing so a problem can be fixed quicker than if they keep denying a mistake. And the culture hybrids and exceptions are also a part of it all. So there's nothing quite exciting about the married life for Chilean women.

Regarding breastfeeding, in Europe there seems to be sort of a U-shaped curve with regard to acceptance of the practice in public. People's personalities are influenced by the cultures they grow up in, they form habits.

So I just assume if someone's with me he wants to be with me and if he leaves he doesn't like me anymore. Yet, for the simple reason that they live together I am supposed to believe they're more family oriented.

My Chilean friend there bitterly complained against it, that's why I mentioned it. It's only natural even ignoring life choices that men will be overrepresented in the upper and lower end of the occupational scale. It's about ways people act, customs, habits.

You may have found that complaining or asking for people to be held accountablle doesn't always help. Especially for women, who might be considered spinsters who gave up on finding the perfect guy or as plain lesbians, which is oh such a terrible sin.

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When it come to the sex thing, I couldn't agree more. In the gringo version, the lady at the end is offered either to choose between the guy or X amount of money.

Not to mention that men are overrepresented among very intelligent as well as very dumb people. That is so true in many cases. Breastfeeding in public is fully accepted in the Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, etcetera.

Lying in between these two regions, though, until recently public breastfeeding was considered indecent in Anglo-Saxon societies, including, I'm ashamed to say, Canada. But if anybody says anything, I've resolved to say they the breasts are just modified sweat glands. The nanny state needs to fuck off and let people make their own choices.

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It definitely is not as common as in other countries but you see it more and more. Gringos broadly all First-World white peoples tend to be more choosy when it comes to marriage. Then they are devoted parents. As everything in Chile, this is surely changing, but I don't think I'm too wrong about this.

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That's actually what stops us from doing and saying many things, coming from such a small-minded society as the Chilean one, where everybody else's business becomes your own. Being blunt may be exclusively a North-American thing. Mostly though, I think you pretty much nailed when it comes to both the good and the bad of the people from my culture. It's not as taboo as it used to be. People just live with their families cause they can't afford otherwise and the culture of sharing flats has not taken off yet.

Remarkably the same is true in Southern European countries like Italy as in Latin countries outside Europe, like Chile. Culturally, I feel closer to Scandinavians perhaps, but I actually I feel closer to people that have tried things similar to what I have done, studied the same, travel, lived abroad etc. All the best Caroline dom. For Chileans marriage is a thing you have to do, while I think in more advanced societies is a question of choice so it is something important. Because the truth of the matter is I can't put a finger on what exactly makes one Mexican and what makes one a Gringa.