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For lunch I use up the rest of a batch of my super speed curry sauce with some chicken breast. But the problem was that combined with exercise and these meals being low in calories I felt starving in the evening. This was served with a big portion of seasonal vegetables that had been steamed in our Instant Pot.

Then for dinner we have some cabbage soup but this time we have it with the last of the turkey strips that we have leftover from lunch and some low syn potato wedges. Then for lunch we had a delicious vegetable frittata. Plus I partly put this down to the fact that I had a lot more exercise today and my body needs replacements. But it was my weekly treat and it felt so good. It was just a case of throwing in the vegetables and hoping for the best.

You can also make them crispy like crisps in the air fryer too. Its one of my favourite winter recipes ever. Next week though it is going to be about getting the slow cooker out for some delicious meals, so watch this space for what gets created next.

Plus I partly put this down

Slimming World is a popular British diet. Every week on the night I got weighed I would go to the fish and chip shop. The last time I was on it properly was a decade ago and I have also loosely followed it a couple of years ago to lose the baby weight after having my daughter. Have soup like us, cook lots of steamed vegetables with your proteins or even have them in breakfast smoothies.

There are things about it that annoy me and the fact that it is about food optimising and that you can change things to suit yourself is perfect for me. Its perfect because it is now transformed into chicken and chickpea Balti curry, without any real effort. Then I had a few bad hours, felt poorly and got through about calories of the most delicious creamy strawberry chocolate in the world.

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If someone asked me what my favourite ever diet recipe is, then I would say this. Just minus the delicious olive oil.