Superman vs silver surfer yahoo dating

Superman vs silver surfer yahoo dating

Superman vs Silver Surfer

Superman then turns around and

Superman then turns around and punches Silver Surfer in the face, making him fly back. It sounds like you already have a pretty good idea on this one. Superman flies upward and flies around Silver Surfer in circles, trying to trick him. Silver Surfer's surfboard then whacks Superman on the back. Silver Surfer then uppercuts Superman, making him fly into the air and crash on his back.

He helped save the Earth, but was trapped there by Galactus as punishment. Superman is revealed to be absorbing the Sun's energy. Because he can convert matter directly into energy, he does not require food, water, air, or sleep.

Silver Surfer's surfboard

Life is better than Death. Superman and Silver Surfer may have been even in power looking at the fact that surfer would hold back, but surfers survived things that would instantly vaporize superman.

Silver Surfer then uppercuts

Everyone told me just how formidable you are. He then grabs Superman, turns around, and throws him. The two fall down to earth. Silver Surfer lands on the surfboard while Superman crashes to the ground.

Then Silver Surfer flies in front of him. Superman does need yellow solar energy to store up power.

Superman flies upward

Silver Surfer, not noticing the Kryptonite, flies down and walks over to Superman. He can navigate space and travel at near-limitless speed on his cosmic surfboard. He was once a herald for Galactus, seeking out worlds for his master to consume, but after meeting the Fantastic Four he rebelled. He can absorb and manipulate cosmic energy, can control the surfboard's movements purely by the power of his mind, and his skin is made of an unknown silvery substance that is almost indestructible. Silver Surfer isn't fazed and flies upward and hits Superman with the surfboard, knocking Superman down.

Silver Surfer then flies down to Earth. When you get right down to brass tacks, Superman isn't even in the Silver Surfer's league. In Marvel terms, he can lift over tons, matching Superman. Superman then flies toward Silver Surfer and plants his fist into Silver Surfer's stomach and flies, making him smash several buildings.

Superman is floating, seemingly lifeless. Superman flies upward and Silver Surfer pursues. But what he sees is a pissed off silver surfer. Superman then flies to the left and up again. Surfer blasts superman, the whole solar system blows up.

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