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She will lash out with all kinds of crazy things, and it often comes to a head in a huge blowout fight. Then do it just like the article says. Women make mountains out of molehills all the time.

Start taking control of your marriage, your relationship, and your sex life. Gentlemen, if you're considering taking the Red Pill, stop dating the church dvd make this Valentines Day your day to revolt from Beta Chumpatude and start cultivating the Alpha that she might not even know she wants.

Heck, you might even be worried that this is some kind of mid-life crisis. If she's not home early, there's something unexplained going on. Get the laundry folded and put away, everything. Whatever happens, good on you for reclaiming your balls and holding frame here.

They have a fair in Paris next month so they're busy. It might sting, but its unmistakable backbone. And while, of course, I'm always open to frank and open discussion, the fact is that the attitudes towards husbands expressed in this article are fairly common from what I understand. Ironwood says, a dude doing laundry is sexiest when the sheets he's washing he messed up honestly.

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What is the Red Pill?

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It's a common thread that when a guy takes the red pill in a marriage, this freaks the wife out. If you have a Red Pill pal, ask him to help.

The hard-working corporate feminist wives are tired of picking up the slack for their lazy hubbies, just to be expected to put out after being showered with gifts and praise. Women will often use the divorce card in the same way that teens will attempt suicide to get attention. They will also pull the divorce card for other reasons.

They don't want a divorce, but they do want you step into line. Threatening divorce over a late FedEx package is absolutely plausible. She is totally hamstering a reason to put a divorce blame on him when really she has a throbbing dick that she want but doesn't want to feel like she is giving up everything for it.

Even if it was a shit test - she still went there. If I did suspect an affair, I wouldn't post here. If the wife isn't already under some guy, she has been in the recent past. That's not entirely inaccurate.

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Where erotic attention and thoughtful appreciation of our intimate selves rightfully takes a backseat to our common goal of equal dignity and mutual respect. Also, perhaps your wife should look for a more rewarding job, if she has all these skills. Really, sex was the only reason we guys ever indulged in the exercise anyway.

Study Married Game and then game the hell out of your wife. Like Nikola Tesla for example.

This is the kind of stuff they would pull with their husbands while I was banging them. Even to alleged feminists. Her comfort erodes and she panics. To base any reasoning on these unfounded assumptions is crazy in my book.

And turn off your cell phone. Most of the Manosphere despises V-Day as the commercialized Hallmark holiday it is, an opportunity for women to guilt men into socially-braggable expensive displays of their devotion. That doesn't mean you can get out of doing laundry, though. This guy needs to get his boots by the door and secure his assets immediately.

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