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Lopsiloo is delightfully sweet natured, but with a charmingly ditsy take on the world. He is practical and resourceful but his confidence sometimes outweighs his own ability with comedic effect. She sits on top of the weather vane at the top of the Clockhouse and reports the weather to anyone who'll listen. Battersby often falls asleep at inopportune moments and always crashes to the floor from his rafters when customers call in to his shop and wake him up.

Things don't always run smoothly. She is voiced by Larissa Murray. An enthusiastic, amateur inventor, he has many weird and wonderful creations.

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Lopsiloo is Tickety Town's fruit and vegetables delivery snail. Spring Chicks are Tickety Town's resident family of free roaming chickens.

Official Nickelodeon - Nickelodeon ru

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She has a big imagination and is not afraid to use it - but she knows she can always rely on Tommy for practical advice and know-how when faced with a problem she can't solve. Tooteroo is completely silent, but it is able to clearly communicate its feelings to the audience with its comedic mannerisms. Voiced by Eric Meyers in the American version. However, when things go wrong, he can always turn to his twin sister, Tallulah, for help. Tommy is funny and always ready for adventure.

Hopparoo is enthusiastic yet accident-prone, Hopparoo is the madcap bunny of Tickety Town. McCoggins is the Tickety Town maintenance man and there's nothing he can't fix. With the help from one or more of the eclectic Tickety Town residents, dating a guy with cancer the twins develop ways of overcoming the emotional or physical jeopardy that has been caused.

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He spends his days eating carrots, looking for mischief or sleeping on his hammock. He is easily startled, but utterly loveable and helpful.

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He is a kindly, gentle soul and is surprisingly ponderous. Also voiced by Patricia Rodriguez in the American version.

Tallulah is the more creative half of this duo. She is a fast snail and zips around town pulling her cart festooned with her beautifully displayed produce. When not on her rounds, Lopsiloo can be found tending her white picket-fenced vegetable garden. She is much more of a thinker and inevitably comes up with the plan to solve the problem they face.