Updating garman

Updating garman

Fixed the position of

Added support for shifted maps. Added the ability to have the unit speak street names in Polish. Added the ability to have the unit display custom Favorites symbols on the map. They start at very low and cost-effective prices so it should be possible for you to get a new map update either for free or for nothing at all. You might now need to enter the product key from your device.

Added default voice languages for Australia and New Zealand.

The next few

Updated Brazil speed limit icon. Updated to comply with France Safety Camera decree. Fixed default voice language setting for Czech locale.

Fixed some translation issues

Fixed the position of safety camera alert. The next few steps do not take too long, and the map update application will lead you through the whole process. Fixed some translation issues.

Fixed an issue that could prevent a low battery warning message from appearing. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect default languages to show on initial setup. Increased awareness of updating maps and software using Garmin Express.

Improved displayed street names. Accept any license agreements that present themselves should be a tickbox. Updated the postal code for the default Garmin Europe favorite.