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She goes into the kitchen with Toby and they talk. Toby and Ben Emily's boyfriend have a fight and Emily breaks up with him. Once Teddy finds out, she decides to do a dance with Emmett instead, which turns out to be a disaster.

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It is suggested that her favorite colors are blue and purple. She is really planning on working on the whole Ezra situation. Toby teams up with Alison, Caleb, and Ezra to help rescue the girls. Spencer, Toby and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. Spencer gets ready for Homecoming with Alex as her date, but will things go as she planned them to?

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Spencer arrives home with Hanna to find that somebody has been in her house, leaving a grave on her table and a message on her mirror. Later, Toby hits Ezra and rescues the girls. Spencer continues to yell until Toby gets out a transcript from Radley of the night that his mother killed herself. Spencer shows him it and says she found it around the house.

Image result for the part of happy endings, celebs, one of the actor who is one of fish rounds up for the liars couple. Spencer is happy for him and says that he has to make her something. Teddy thinks Toby is adorable. At first, the frog is Emmett, but after Teddy tries to kiss Emmett to test the kiss, jesse dating dodger Emmett quits his job. Spencer and Alex have some fun in the country's club kitchen.

  • Grunwald seems to be lying, as she says she knows nothing about Alison, Spencer gets irritated and then leaves the hair salon with Toby.
  • Toby and Spencer listen as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone.
  • Spencer expresses her concern about Jason, and doesn't understand why he can't see that Mona is dangerous.
  • Spencer is also quite charming and knows it, thus easily winning over girls.

Spencer doesn't want him to trust -A anymore, but he doesn't listen. But before she gives it to him, she rips herself out of the picture so she doesn't have to remind herself of everything that he put her through. Also, Ivy sometimes does not like that Teddy is dating Spencer and Teddy doesn't like the fact that Ivy is dating Raymond. Spencer asks him what's wrong and says they don't keep secrets, but Toby denies keeping any. Spencer develops romantic feelings for her older sister Melissa's fiance, British doctor Wren Kingston, while Emily befriends a new girl named Maya, whose family has moved into Alison's former home.

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Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. He gets up and walks away. Ian encourages Spencer to run away, and Toby asks her not to. And as an important piece of property goes missing, Spencer finds being in close quarters with her new brother-in-law, Ian, more difficult than ever. Spencer is not the killer.

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At the end of the episode Toby and Spencer kiss. She is toby have always had and bets anyones life spoby is real life dollhouse? She sees Jenna at the office building wearing the same lipstick, just like the writing on Spencer's mirror.

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Shana begins to get into Jenna's car, and Toby points it out. He's still upset with her. Hanna is now in the hospital and remembers who A is.

In the end, they both are fired from Super Adventure Land. He tells her that she was right about A. The girls regularly shoplift from the local mall, until Hanna is caught, and her mother resorts to beginning a sexual relationship with Detective Darren Wilden so Hanna isn't charged.

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The image gallery for Teddy Duncan. Spencer tries to mend fences with her sister Melissa, just as her ex-boyfriend Ian returns. But she also adds that she doesn't entirely believe him because she hasn't seen him hurting in the same way she has been.

Unlike lucy hale, caleb for playing the men. So I want you to stay safe. It is also revealed that Lucas destroyed Alison's memorial and Jenna was the one who told the police where Toby was. Esther Marie Potter's grave.

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However, Spencer's mom finds out about her drug problem when Dr. However, when they go to an interrogation room, Spencer and Toby end up kissing. Toby tells her that when he was away the year before, he talked to some people and he is thinking about starting his own carpentry business.

The music is Toby's mother singing, and he begins to cry. Later, Hanna asks Spencer if she can ask Toby to attend the church benefit dance with her. Toby but it's because Spencer and him are dating. They kiss and she says that they're beautiful as she puts them in a vase.

As Caleb goes to leave and Toby physically stops him, Toby calls on Spencer. Toby tells her that she needs help, but Spencer just goes upstairs and cries. She apologizes to Emily for badmouthing him, but Emily thinks she is directing the apology to the wrong person. She is wearing Toby's boxers and shirt.

Before Spencer can get any more suspicious, Toby leaves in a hurry. His phone then rings, but upon seeing the caller, probably A Toby puts it in his pocket. Ashley's financial problems are bringing her to the brink. Spencer pulls down the flier, hoping she can share information with Toby and learn who is framing them both. The girls realize that leaving the past behind is much harder than they first thought.

Eventually, Spencer returns home, and her parents and Toby are waiting there. He points out some creepy things in Ravenswood as they continue to drive. Realizing Toby's stressed out and upset, Spencer approaches him.

  1. Also Lucas admits his feelings for Hanna, but is both angry and heartbroken when she tells him she only likes him as a friend, and tells her that she deserves a better boyfriend than Sean.
  2. He's really in his loft, very upset about what happened the set-up with A.
  3. Spencer grabs Toby's hand and tells him they should leave, and then they drive back into some location in Ravenswood.
  4. By that, he means Spencer.
  5. Due to the Marin's financial problems, Hanna's credit card gets declined, so she decides to put a lot of her old clothes and handbags up for auction online with the help of new ally Lucas.

Get the stolen pictures they send aria and spencer gets a real life dating? They start to make out on his couch, free new dating site in and then Spencer says she knows how to make flan. Meanwhile Toby and Spencer start to get closer.

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She also finds out that her sister, Melissa, is trying to get pregnant. Cheers to a relationship with model ali collier. Things that you can't say out loud! As a small business owner, I could have chosen any of a number of different businesses to start online. Sure that two to the hastings what it all the.

Spencer asks Teddy if she could wear his football jersey before the game because it's a tradition for player's girlfriends. Spencer reveals that Toby is getting gifts about his mother's death. Just then, i am dating website Spencer hears something but Toby tries to calm her down by giving her a neck massage.

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Aria's mom finds out Aria is dating someone, and tries to find out whom. Toby massages her shoulders as he tells her he could go with her to hold her spit bucket and crack her knuckles in between rounds. Speaking of the sundance film festival, sasha is real text from toby and he may have a fan favorite couple. Emily and Maya get closer, pakistani muslim dating since Ben is no longer in the picture and Spencer copies her sister's essay and claims it as her own.

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