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Hailey Baldwin finally clears up speculation over her relationship with Justin Bieber

Demi won't be bored with him. Justin has two half-siblings named Jaxon and Jazmyn.

She's previously said Valderrama was the love of her life and that she's unsure if she'd ever get over him. Moreover, Justin Bieber has been frequently pictured crying in public these days and the scenario happens more often now, even with Hailey Baldwin by her side. Just five months earlier, sources told People that Bieber was still in love with his on-again-off-again first love Selena Gomez, and that he wanted her back. Based on the stories, despite being married to Hailey Baldwin, the pop superstar realized that he still loves Selena and this became evident after she was hospitalized.

Some think that the cause of his breakdowns is Selena Gomez. The Grammy-winning artist has won over different music awards. He has won almost every music award in his career of just ten years. He can also play drums and guitar.

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He is kind of an eccentric guy, but sweet. Justin Bieber is one of the most talented artists of our times, who was discovered merely because of his talent. As a musician, he has given us nothing but hits, and we hope with age he will transform into a more responsible artist. Being a single parent can be so lonely.

He is very creative and passionate about life. He has made several mistakes in the past but has always come out stronger out of them. Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin may consciously uncouple Getty Images Since consciously uncoupling from ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin hasn't kept the same lady around for too long.

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We're really attracted to each other. The couple dated on-off for over five years in the past. He will be great at supporting Demi's sobriety. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dated for a long time. Selena Gomez is currently battling panic attacks due to depression and she has other health issues as well.

Hailey has a lot of energy and projects that she wants to do. Cosmopolitan even added that according to a source, the singer may be regretting his marriage to the year-old model now.

He is kind of an eccentric

With her condition, Justin Bieber is allegedly very concerned and bothered. His hit record sales help him make most of his income. But even if this romance blooms, don't expect this to be a long-term match.

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Justin is always in the news either for his disrespectful endeavors or his dating life. She's scared to raise True by herself. He has a bit of a troubled past as well, but is doing well now.