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They were introduced to each other through common friends. Utendahl has two daughters, Madison and Sydney, from a previous marriage to investment banker Phyllis Hollis.

However, both of them try to keep their relationship as private as possible, thus there are no news about their goings out and about or appearing in public events.

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Therefore, her romantic relationships are as much interesting and important to the public as her professional career as a supermodel. They were spotted having dinner a couple of times together and the rumors started that they might be an item. Moreover, there were rumors going on that the couple was even engaged.

However, all these rumors came to an end when they broke up after two years of relationship. In addition, they relationship did not last long because they broke up in the same year of dating. Williams Capital Group assumed what was left of the now defunct company. When asked about her boyfriend, Tyra Banks usually tends to avoid the subject, while Tyra Banks boyfriend John Utendahl has never been asked about his relationship with the supermodel. Celebrities Famous boyfriends Tyra Banks is known not only as one of the most successful American models but also as one of the most wanted women.

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Tyra Banks was usually seen in his games. Banks and Utendahl are known to keep their relationship very private from the media. Utendahl is currently only a minority stake-holder in Utendahl Capital Management, a small fixed income asset management firm. Moreover, in Tyra Banks boyfriend was rumored to be Seal. John Utendahl is known as being involved into banking investments.

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The two were not legally married but believed in lifetime partnership. Therefore, Tyra Banks tries to hide her personal life as much as possible. However, both Tyra Banks and Tyler Perry denied the fact that they were a couple. However, recently the rumors have started that the current Tyra Banks boyfriend is John Utendahl.

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Phyllis Hollis, a year Wall Street veteran mortgage bond specialist, works with him as senior vice president. Perhaps Asla is The One to make those hopes a reality. John Utendahl gained his net worth by being the owner of Utendahl Group, one of the largest investment banks in the United States. Utendahl was reportedly dating former supermodel Tyra Banks.

Or if she's just feeding the tabloids fake tales of romance to make her ex jealous. Although he can't quite set sight on his Brooklyn Heights home from his office, Mr. John Utendahl is the owner of the Utendahl Group, one of the largest African American-owned investment banking groups in the United States.